Tonight I wanted to dig into some actual analysis, as opposed to Spencer’s destruction of David’s “My Way” Snatch. The irony of the Snatch is that while it is a massively complicated lift, when performed by novice lifters, its flaws usually boil down to one of two things, and those two things are usually related.

1) Loading Sequence Disfunction.

Many of you have been taught to “jump” as you guide the BB through the second pull, and begin to try to elevate it on a vertical pathway. There is no problem with this cue, and I will not debate the merits of the “triple extension style” vs. “the catapult”. They both have there place, and both may work for different lifters. The inherent issue, however, with the jump cue is that if the “jump” begins too early, the BB is not only nearly impossible to pull to the pelvis, but the full destructive ability of the massively powerful hips will be muted and left to be made up for by the massively puny gastrocs. I see this issue with 90% of my clients and competitive athletes, in fact, I’d say at some point I see it with every person I coach on this lift. The beauty of lifting off blocks is that, especially off the hip height version, we can completely eliminate any early loading of the balls of the feet, and focus solely on the athlete bringing the hips to the bar before elevating. The same holds true from the high blocks, except now we can add the element of having to execute a pull to the pelvis, without allowing for any mistake that may be involved in clearing the knees from the first pull. Here are a couple of examples of sequencing:

Klokov, almost through the 2nd pull, feet still flat:

Hui, nearly the same position, feet still flat:

Klokov, BB in the pelvis, and now the balls of the feet are loaded:

Hui, BB in the pelvis, and loaded the same:

The thing you may have noticed about both of these lifts is that the shoulders are directly over the bar, and the feet are still flat. When the shoulders/torso pull behind the BB, then the lifter’s weight slides forward onto balls of the feet and the ankle extends. If the BB doesn’t reach the pelvis, and the lifter attempts to load the balls of the feet, then the barbell will be left away from the body and the lift will be missed forward. How many of you miss forward—often? Again, I’m not arguing that ankle extension is unnecessary. I am, however, arguing that ankle extension—out of sequence—is a frequent and major flaw for novice lifters. Here is footage taken from Spencer’s Hi-Hang that was posted last night. It demonstrates the loading sequence piece by piece, and should allow you to see a moving example of the shoulders passing behind the bar, THEN the ankles being loaded.

2) Failure To Contact The Pelvis.

To be continued…

WOD 120706:

BB Gymnastics

5X3 Split Jerk off Blocks – heavy but clean, rest 90 sec.

Notes: You may use racks, but blocks are absolutely the suggestion. These do not have to be UB reps, and are designed to be dropped on the blocks after each rep.


1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 50% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension – rest 45 sec.

Notes: The bar should be loaded with 50% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 25% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

1b) 5X5 Seated BB Shoulder Press – heaviest possible (all sets), rest 2+ minutes

Notes: These should be performed between every other set of Deadlifts. These should be done sitting on a box or bench with no back. Feet should be in contact with the floor as the BB is locked out overhead. Make sure to absolutely lock out every single rep. Do not allow feet to break contact with the floor and “float”.


15 minutes Row for Meters.

20 seconds ALL OUT – 40 seconds Active Recovery

Notes: Active Recovery should be enough to keep the flywheel moving, but should allow the athlete to return to normal breathing and lower heart rate by the next all out effort.


Tonight, many of the crew from Outlaw, who have been following “The Way” for some time, were in the gym together. Josh, Sarah, David, Tyler, and Tony “Effing” Mayo have all been following since basically the beginning of the mass version of the program. All of them have been there day in and day out, and they stay no matter how long the WODs take. The boys have begun to have a little competitive fun with their lifts, and have really started to push each other to a place I never really thought “normal” gym people could go. Josh and Tony hit 205# right around the same time, and Tyler had gotten a 225# on the board right before Regionals. David hit 190# about a month ago, but has been struggling with technique since.

In the last 10 days or so many of the OG crew has begun to stick around, and spend extra time lifting off the blocks, while I hurl insults at them (aka “coaching”). The block work, coupled with a few of the tactile tricks we’ve come up with (pvc stick to judge bar track), has made a HUGE difference in everyone’s lifts. I’ve hit a lifetime PR, then Tony, then Sarah tied hers, and tonight with David’s big rival Josh coming back from vacation, it felt like everyone was gonna do something huge.

The reason I’m writing this tonight, and the reason I am so stunned by my crew, is that three years ago I thought no one would ever want to take the time to really become a technician. I thought my gym would fail, and I’d go bankrupt if I tried to implement the kind of program I really wanted to coach. If you’d told me that not only would people take it seriously, but they would enjoy it so much they would hang around in a sweltering gym, for hours on end, to cheer each other to PRs—I would have laughed in your face.

Tonight, with most of the OG crew cheering, David Bock hit 215# from blocks. That was a TWENTY FIVE POUND PR, and put him just ahead of his rival/training partner, Josh. During the session tonight all four of the boys BARELY missed attempts at 100kg. If you couple my lifts with Tyler’s 100kg plus lift, then add Will Moman—another of our “normal members”—who hit 102kg last Thursday, and Tony, David, and Josh’s soon to be 100kg lifts, we will have SIX dudes currently in the gym with Snatches at or over 100kg. I realize there are other gyms that probably have more dudes that can throw more weight overhead than us, but I don’t know them. I don’t see them work every day. I haven’t seen them fail hundreds of reps, but keep trying more.

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe what’s happening in my gym. I hope the same is happening in yours.

WOD 120703:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7X2 Vertical Clean off High Boxes + 1 Split Jerk – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec. DEMO w/ InstructionDEMO Side

Notes: Complete both Cleans, then one Split Jerk after the 2nd Clean.


*The Back Squats are based off of YOUR THREE REP MAX – follow the link, that’s why I put it there.

1) Back Squat: 1X3 @ 90%, 1X3 @ 95%, 1X1 @ 100%, 2X1 @ 105% – rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515

2a) 4X5 Push Press – heaviest than last week (fuck! it’s heaviest possible), rest 60 sec.
2b) 4X3 Dip Squats @ 120% of 1RM Jerk – rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


4 rounds for total reps of the 4 minute dual effort of:

2 minute AMRAP of:
20 Split Jumps
10 HR Pushups
10 Pullups

2 minutes to complete:
1 ME UB Set of Power Cleans @ 75%

Notes: Power Clean weight is based off of 1RM Clean of any style. This effort should be performed by doing the 2 min. AMRAP first then taking the next 2 min. to complete a single ME UB set of Power Cleans. The athlete may start the Power Cleans at any point during the 2 min. interval, but when the 2 min. is complete the set is over even if the athlete has not broken. Again, the flow of the WOD is: 2 min AMRAP – 2 min to complete 1 ME UB set of Power Cleans, repeat 4 times. ME/UB means Max Effort/Unbroken. When the barbell stops on the ground the set is over. All reps should be touch and go. Resting in the rack position is acceptable. If the set of PC only takes 30 seconds, then the remainder of the 2 minutes is rest.


The numbers don’t lie. At current count I’ve got 40 plus people completing “King-Kong” RX’d.

Brandon Phillips – 340# Jerk.

Elisabeth Akinwale – 2:10 “King-Kong” – unbroken.

Jessica Rodriguez – 207# Jerk @ 118# BW.


Jessica Rodriguez – 5:59 “King-Kong” – still @ 118# BW.

Sam Farris – 315# Jerk.

Lauren Brooks – 225# Jerk.

WOD 120630:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7X1 Snatch off Blocks (just below the knee) – heaviest possible with near perfect technique, rest as needed
2) 7X1 Clean off Blocks (just below the knee) – heaviest possible with near perfect technique, rest as needed


5X5 High Bar Back Squat @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Percentage is based off 1RM HBBS or 90% of 1RM LBBS.


21-15-9 of:

OH BB Walking Lunges 135/95#
C2B Pullups
Bar Facing Burpees

For time.

Notes: For BB Lunges 1 step = 1 rep.


Matthew Sage came to our first official Training Camp last February, in Alexandria. Last week I got this email from him:


I just wanted to send you a quick email to give thanks for your excellent programming and coaching. I have been following the outlaw way since January and attended the outlaw training camp in Alexandria in early February. On the Friday’s “lifting session” at the training camp I hit a snatch of 175# (15# pr at the time) and a 255# clean and jerk (10#pr at the time). Then last week I was able to hit a 210# snatch, and yesterday I reached a big goal of mine and hit a 300# clean and jerk.

Again, I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you have done and the sacrifices that you have made to make the outlaw community what it is today.


This leads to a short discussion of the fall/winter Training Camp schedule. We’re actually planning on doing less camps this year, in major locations, but will be announcing them further in advance and taking a full staff to accommodate more athletes. This round of camps will have far more instructional time, more specific coaches, and will take up two full days plus our traditional Friday lifting session.

Also, and I hesitate to announce this because I’m sure there will be a million questions, we will be adding an instructors course to the schedule. This course will cover, in detail, the instruction and performance of ALL movements that are regularly seen as part of the Outlaw Way program, as well as, feature a basic programming synopsis for all populations. These instructor courses will be VERY limited in size, and there will be both written and practical testing. There will be MUCH more detail to come about this course, including what passing the course will mean to both the instructor and the instructor’s gym, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up as early as possible.

WOD 120626:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X3 Vertical Clean off High Boxes (at Hip) + 1 Split Jerk – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec. DEMO w/ InstructionDEMO Side

Notes: Complete all Cleans, then one Split Jerk after the third Clean.


*The Back Squats are based off of YOUR THREE REP MAX – follow the link, that’s why I put it there.

1) Back Squat: 1X5 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X2 @ 95%, 1X2 @ 100% – rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515

2a) 5X2 Push Press – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
2b) 5X2 Pause Front Squats – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO (lulz)

Notes: Hold absolute bottom of each FS for 3 seconds, then bounce off the calves and stand.


EMOM for 10 minutes:

3 Bar Muscle-Ups

During each rest interval perform AMRAP of Double-Unders.

*Score is total reps of DU.


Tony Effing Mayo with the greatest feat of strength in Outlaw history.

Leaders after day 2:

Go to the comments or twitter or something you lazy bastards.

WOD 120610 – Games Camp Day 3:

“Harder Than Fran”

10 minutes to establish a 1RM Weighted C2B Pullup (any style).

Notes: Vests MAY NOT be used. Weight maybe be hung around the waste (thanks fucking autocorrect, its supposed to be WAIST) any way, but may not be strapped to your upper body.

*Rest 10 minutes.

“Larry Bird”

For time:

60 KB Swings 24/16kg
50 Burpees
40 Pullups
30 One-Legged OH Squat 65/45#
20 DB Push Jerks 70/50#
10 Muscle-Ups
100′ One-Arm BB OH Walking Lunges 65/45# (50′ each arm)


Day 1 leaders:

#1 Male Snatch: Zack Brodis 280#
#1 Female Snatch: Elisabeth Akinwale 185#

#1 Male Clean & Jerk: Steve Pinkerton 330#
#1 Female Clean & Jerk: Elisabeth Akinwale 225#

#1 Male “BP Made up a WOD That None of You Can Do”: Kevin Simons 8:47
#1 Female “BP Made up a WOD That None of You Can Do”: Elisabeth Akinwale 7:51

WOD 120609 – Games Camp Day 2:

WOD 1 – 11AM EST:

“The Eliminator”

3 rounds for time of:

15 Ring Dips
20 KB Snatches 32/24kg (10l/10r)
30 Jumping Squats 45# DEMO VIDEO

Notes: The only requirement for height jumped on Jumping Squats is that the entire foot clearly leaves the floor.

WOD 2# – 1PM EST:

“The Terminator”

5 min AMRAP of Muscle-Ups to Ring HSPU.
*For total reps.

-rest 2 minutes

5 min AMRAP of Double-Unders including a 500/450m Row buy-in.
*Score is total number of DU subtracted by the total number of seconds rowing. (Example: 130 DU – 110 seconds = Score of 20.

-rest 2 minutes

10 min AMRAP of:

3 Rope Climbs 15′
6 Bench Press @ 205/120#
9 GHD Situps

WOD 3# – 5PM EST:

“The Masturbator”

4 rounds of:

3 Stone to Shoulder 150/100#
50′ Stone Carry 150/100#
3 Stone to Shoulder 150/100#
7 Deficit HSPU
50 Wall Ball 20/14#

For time.

Notes: Deficit HSPU will be performed with 2 45# “recycled rubber” plates (approximately 3.5″ each) on either side of an Ab-Mat for the men, and 1 45# “recycled rubber” plate on either side of an ab-mat for women. Kipping is allowed.


Heading into the belly of the beast tomorrow (Reebok HQ). I’ll be armed with nothing but the extra tone and strength in my leg and buttock muscles, and the 22 pound drool machine strapped to my chest. Deac and I will be at the Northeast Regional coaching one of my favorite people (Deacon thinks she’s “way too bubbly”), Alicia Gomes, and helping anyone else who wants the assistance of an Outlaw Coaching Staff (a.k.a. me and Deacon) who can now tell you the exact point in every workout where it’s most likely someone will drop something on their head. Please, come say hi, and help us take as much free Reebok shit as I can possibly stuff in Deacon’s “diaper bag” (I mean I’ll have a real diaper bag too—you assholes think I’m just gonna let my son poop in the parking lot? Wait… Where does Malleolo park?).

WOD 120525:

BB Gymnastics

1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy but not maximal Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerk.

Notes: Work up to the limitations of your technique. I.e. your heaviest lift should not be slop, it should be technically clean.

2) EMOM for 7 minutes perform 2 Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerks @ 90% of the above.


1a) 4X3 1&1/4 Front Squats – MUCH heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X9,7,5,3 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU – regionals standard, rest 60 sec.

Notes: If you cannot get through the strict HSPU, then go to 1 rep short of complete failure and switch.


Row 500m

3 rounds of:
20 Ring Dips
50 Double-Unders

Row 500m

For time.


Deacon is pretty psyched to be in Chicago for the North Central Regional. He wanted all the Outlaws to know he will be there to drool on any and everyone who gets in the way.


Talayna Fortunato is the fittest woman in the Southeast Region. Talayna works out to Whitesnake. Coincidence?

WOD 120518:

BB Gymnastics

1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy but not maximal Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerk.

Notes: Work up to the limitations of your technique. I.e. your heaviest lift should not be slop, it should be technically clean.

2) EMOM for 7 minutes perform 3 Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerks @ 85% of the above.


1a) 4X5 1&1/4 Front Squats – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X8,6,4,2 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU – regionals standard, rest 60 sec.

Notes: If you cannot get through the strict HSPU, then go to 1 rep short of complete failure and switch.


10 minute AMRAP of:

100′ KB Overhead Carry 32/24kg (2 KB 2 arms)
5 Muscle-Ups
25 Absolutely Vertical KBS 32/24kg


Outlaws currently qualified for the Games:


-Talayna Fortunato – 1st place, Southeast
-Christen Wagner – 1st place, Asia
-Rika Diederiks – 1st place, Africa
-Brandon Phillips – 2nd place, Southeast
-Jason Hoggan – 2nd place, South Central
-Candice Ruiz – 2nd place, South Central


-CrossFit 7 Mile – 1st place, Latin America
-CrossFit CDR – 2nd place, SoCal
-CrossFit Central – 3rd place, South Central

I just received this email…

8 weeks ago I snatched about once every couple weeks (heavy) and my Max then was 250. Today at SoCal regionals I hit 275 and it felt amazing! I owe the thanks to your intelligence of having me clean and snatch pretty much every darn day. Our team qualified for the Games (2nd overall in SoCal), and will continue to follow the Outlaw Way!!

Calvin D – CrossFit CDR

This lift was featured on the update show, and gave me chills BEFORE I knew Calvin and CDR were following. It was part of an 1140# team total. Just to put that into perspective: 1140# is an average of 3 – 230# Snatches for the men, and 3 – 150# Snatches for the women. This is currently the highest team total in the world.

The most dominant group of Outlaws in the entire world, hail from—I’m not making this up—The Cayman Islands. Chris Spigner’s team, from CrossFit 7 Mile, did something that no other team or individual has done. They simply went SIX for SIX, winning every workout of the Latin American Regionals.

Before you write them off as a “bad region” team, their scores would have been good enough to tie Team Outlaw for 5th in the bruising Mid-Atlantic region. Their 19:40 on WOD 6 would have been 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic and basically means Chris has developed at least two women—IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS—who can do Muscle-Ups with no problems.

Great fucking job, Team 7 Mile. I wear a large t-shirt.


I would like to say; I am proud as hell of Jay Rhodes.

Jay was recovering from a back injury 6 months ago when I started coaching him, and this weekend was really the first time he put it to the test. There is only so much “practicing” you can do for a Regional level competition, and it’s nearly impossible to mimic the level of intensity inherent to the event. Jay’s back could not hold the line after 3 straight WODs featuring heavy pulls, and finally fell into spasm during the almost non-stop spinal extension of WOD 4.

When I saw him drop the bar, and reach for his low back after the second set of 10 Front Squats, I knew exactly what happened. I actually thought he would probably have to just lay down and wait for medical attention. I’ve personally had my back fall into spasm during a WOD, and I know it’s a nearly unbearable pain. Jay, being of Canadian lumberjack blood, decided a trip to the emergency room wouldn’t be a part of his Regionals, and kept doing front squats in sets of 1 or 2, or until the spasms would completely seize him. He actually—SOMEHOW—placed 27th on WOD 4 despite the fact that he was basically done at the 6 minute mark.

Jay’s playing through pain is not, however, the reason I’m proud of him. I’m proud of “The Mayor of Canadia” because he was in 10th place coming into Sunday, and he had every right to quit and bow out due to injury. Jay Rhodes being Jay Rhodes, simply walked into the arena Sunday morning, warmed up, decided to “give it a go”, and with weakened erectors snatched the 2nd biggest individual lift of the Regional (more on the Outlaw destruction of the Snatch Ladder tomorrow).

WOD 120514:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Snatch @ 80% – rest 60-80 sec.
Notes: These ARE NOT touch & go reps. Reset before each rep.
2a) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
2b) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balances – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


Row 500m
100 Double-Unders
200′ DB Farmers Carry 100/70#
20 Alternating DB Snatches 100/70#
100 Double-Unders
Row 500m

For time.


1a) 3X8 Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X8 Tempo GHD Situps (5 counts down, 5 counts up) – rest 45 sec.


WOD 120510:

Rest day.

Just got in, long day. Entertain yourselves. I’ll give you some topics…

1) If you weren’t an elite exerciser, what would you be elite at?

2) Have you ever thought of yourself as a honey badger? If yes, what sort of weapon will you be using to end your life?

3) Make up 3 mythical elite exercise clothing brand names and explain why each of them will be successful.