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The Para Bellum Series

With the third iteration of the Outlaw Training Camps, we are weaving in new elements to help everyone from coaches to athletes understand and implement holistic movement principles, and adapt them into every aspect of their training. Our camps have always espoused the benefits of virtuoso level technical development. Now, with “The Para Bellum Series”, we will continue to define and add new aspects to our obsession with the kinesthetic perfection of the athlete, and provide coaches with the tools to direct their athletes to the pinnacle of human movement potential.


New Additions

-Friday will now be a full day.
-Extensive practical programming lecture focused on implementing the Limited Conjugate Outlaw template.
-Instruction, Implementation, and Importance of the Olympic Weightlifting, as well as, hands on instruction of the Outlaw Barbell Method. This section also includes discussion of biomechanics in Weightlifting for all populations.
-New Powerlifting instructional and practical section. Featuring the differences in technique for maximal and high-rep lifts, discussion of rational for using the “slow lifts”, and extensive Squat instruction.
-The practical programming lecture will be accompanied by handouts including full description of the Limited Conjugate Method, utilization of Prilepin’s Chart, layout of seasonal programming waves, the hierarchy of movement, and other programming basics.
-Movement and Connectivity (bodyweight movement efficiency) instruction and hands on practice.
-Practical tips for coaches throughout all sessions with cuing to fix movement issues for general population.


Upcoming Training Camps


Camp Schedule



Traveling Coaches

Head Coach: Rudy Nielsen, a.k.a. “The Bearded Wizard

Weightlifting Head Coach: Jared Fleming, 2x 94kg National Champion and 3x World Team member

Assistant Head Coach: Brandon Phillips, Four time CrossFit Games competitor and owner of CrossFit Bound

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