Training Camps: The Science & Precision Series

The Science & Precision Series

There is a nearly artful quality to the movement of an athlete who has honed their body into a precision instrument. They are able to develop as much force as is necessary for the given task, while never wasting so much as a single watt of precious energy. This artful movement, with its almost “dance-like” quality, is not only the essence of efficiency, but it is the key element to success in a sport that punishes unnecessary expenditures.

The Science & Precision series will build upon the instruction and principles of the past Outlaw Training Camp series. However, the S&P Series will be more focused on the essential basal elements needed for the coaching and execution of the precise level of movement required for success, development, and longevity in our sport. More focus will be put on mobility and corrections for all barbell and bodyweight movements, and we will be spending a greater amount of time on the instruction and practice of the essential positions necessary for base level gymnastics.

We will also be attacking some new non-movement issues like the development and importance of Aerobic Capacity, how-to program using the principles of The Outlaw Way template, and the assessment of weaknesses in athletes and how to correct them properly. All these new topics and elements will be combined with our classic Everything is Everything philosophy. This is the basic concept that there is a hierarchy of movement within our sport.  Weightlifting and Gymnastics are the highest skill, most technical, and hardest to learn elements. Therefore, they are at the top of the hierarchy. If the athlete becomes proficient at them, then everything else becomes easier as well.


What to Expect

-One on one and group coaching from all members of the Outlaw camp staff.
-Hands on instruction sessions on the basics of positioning, footwork, and leverage for Olympic Weightlifting.
-Drills, practice, and exact definition of the essential positions which are the base for all gymnastics movements (hollow, arch, straight body).
-Instruction on assessment and improvement for mobility in relation to Weightlifting and Gymnastics.
-Assessment and testing, for all attendees, to find their Aerobic Capacity baseline in relation to the sport.
-Discussion of what Aerobic Capacity means in relation to the athlete and performance, and how it can be improved.
-Extensive question and answer time with Rudy and the Outlaw camp staff.



Who should come?
Anyone who is a coach, athlete or has a desire to learn how to coach or move more efficiently and effectively.

Do I need to be a Games level competitor to attend?
No. These camps are largely attended by coaches and affiliate owners who are looking to bring the essential elements and finer points of instruction the Outlaw staff provides, back to their athletes. 

Do I need to have any other certifications to attend?
No. This is not a certification and there is no prerequisite. This is continuing education for coaches and athletes who are trying to perfect their craft.

Will there still be a max out session?
OF COURSE!!! We live for PRs.

Who will the staff be?
We are still finalizing staff for the Science and Precision Series, and the final staff will be posted here very soon. Rudy will be heading up camps as usual. We will also have at least one Games athlete, a Connectivity staff member, and a big surprise to instruct Weightlifting.


2014-2015 Camp Dates

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