What does A and B mean?

This seems to be the most confusing thing since the second Matrix movie (I fucking hated that movie – so disappointing). No, I didn’t steal this from another programmer – I actually got the idea from old school bodybuilding “supersets“. I realized that these WODs could take forever if adequate rest was given and I needed a way to get more work in, so… The A and B began. It basically just notes that the sets/movements should be alternated. If there is a 2a) and 2b) then the prescription is to perform 1 set of 2a) then one set of 2b) – then alternate until completion. Here’s an example:

  • 2a) 5×5 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
  • 2b) 5xME Strict C2B Pullups – rest 45 sec.

In this sequence you would perform the first set of 5 Push Press, rest 60 seconds, perform a Max Effort set of C2B Pullups, rest 45 seconds, then repeat for 4 more sets. That’s it – not as hard a algebra, right?

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