General FAQ's (4)

Do I need to pay for this site, or ask someone to use it?

No. We haven’t figured out how to make money off of this yet, so you can follow this programming FOR FREE. And, NO you don’t have to tell me if you are following or ask my permission. All you need to do is post your daily work to comments and let us see how you’re doing.

This started as an experiment. It started as a way to gather data and prove efficacy of program. We’ve gotten our data now and we want more. We’ll figure out how to make money later.

Also, we want to win… EVERYTHING.

Not kidding.

Stop acting like you’re “just trying to be better than yesterday” – you want to FUCKING WIN too.

You can say it here, we won’t look down on you.

What does A and B mean?

This seems to be the most confusing thing since the second Matrix movie (I fucking hated that movie – so disappointing). No, I didn’t steal this from another programmer – I actually got the idea from old school bodybuilding “supersets“. I realized that these WODs could take forever if adequate rest was given and I needed a way to get more work in, so… The A and B began. It basically just notes that the sets/movements should be alternated. If there is a 2a) and 2b) then the prescription is to perform 1 set of 2a) then one set of 2b) – then alternate until completion. Here’s an example:

  • 2a) 5×5 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
  • 2b) 5xME Strict C2B Pullups – rest 45 sec.

In this sequence you would perform the first set of 5 Push Press, rest 60 seconds, perform a Max Effort set of C2B Pullups, rest 45 seconds, then repeat for 4 more sets. That’s it – not as hard a algebra, right?

What does MFS mean?

This is a scale that we use to judge our athletes excercisers level of overtraining…

M = Mood – F = Fatigue – S = Soreness

The idea is these are the 3 things that are closely related to how you are handling the volume on a daily basis. The rating system goes from 1 being the best you’ve ever felt to 10 being on your death bed. If your post looked like this:

1-1-1: Would be ideal.
10-10-10: Would be REALLY bad.
6-6-6: Would be fucking awesome. OZZY!

Is The Outlaw Way only for competitive CrossFit athletes?

Not at all. In fact, we have seen preposterous gains in the fitness of our “normal” clients for years using nearly these exact same WODs and programming principles. The Outlaw Way WODs are simply programmed with a season in mind, and with a goal that no matter what movement/implement/standard is programmed, the competitive CF athletes following this program will be Ready for Anything.

If you are a “normal” CrossFitter (or human) who has chosen to follow along with The Outlaw Way there is absolutely nothing you need to do differently. Just be prepared for volume loading and de-loading that coincides with the CrossFit Games season.

As a side note; we use the same “Games movement standards” and strength waves programmed here for our entire gym population. It works just as well with them.

Dumbass Noob FAQ's (10)

When do I rest?

On days when there’s not a fucking workout programmed, asshole. It’s been Thursday and Sunday since time fucking immemorial. Will it change? How the fuck should I know? Read the site.

Also: “when you’re too fucking tired to work out” is another correct answer.

What does UB mean?

Unbroken. Yes, if the workout calls for 20 UB cock punches, you must cock punch yourself 20 times in a row without stopping.

What if you break? You have to start over from 0.

What if you’re too tired, pussy out and just finish the set without restarting? The fucking world ends.

Are back squats high bar or low bar?

Most of our Back Squats are high bar now. They’ll be marked HBBS or Back Squats.

Yes we changed this. Partly because Rudy got tired of missing cleans, and mostly because the high bar squat carries over to more stupid shit that competitive exercisers like to be good at. Low bar squats will be marked clearly – with Spencer’s blood.

Why doesn’t Rudy just say high bar every time? Because he doesn’t fucking want to.

When did the current cycle start?

Click back a few weeks and find it yourself you lazy fucking prick. That’s what we’d have to do to tell you.

What’s a good sub for reverse hypers?

Good mornings are decent, but there really is none. This is actually a good question…we just see it, literally, every goddamn time reverse hypers are programmed. Here, go to Rogue Fitness and buy one. Tell them we sent you.

What’s a good sub for (any other movement)?

Please, pretty please, use your fucking head. This is a free service, we don’t have the time to figure out countless way to sub or scale every movement. If it’s a skill movement you haven’t perfected yet, sub in some progressions (and figure out what/how by Googling that on your own.) If you don’t have a piece of equipment, get creative.

I’ve been following The Outlaw Way and I haven’t seen any improvements. What am I doing wrong?

Everything, apparently. Most likely: you move like shit. Post some video to comments and let someone give you some specific feedback.


When is a good time to get started on The Outlaw Way?

Today, genius. Unless you’re going to keep asking questions like this. Then never.

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