What’s a good sub for (any other movement)?

Please, pretty please, use your fucking head. This is a free service, we don’t have the time to figure out countless way to sub or scale every movement. If it’s a skill movement you haven’t perfected yet, sub in some progressions (and figure out what/how by Googling that on your own.) If you don’t have a piece of equipment, get creative.

Are back squats high bar or low bar?

Most of our Back Squats are high bar now. They’ll be marked HBBS or Back Squats.

Yes we changed this. Partly because Rudy got tired of missing cleans, and mostly because the high bar squat carries over to more stupid shit that competitive exercisers like to be good at. Low bar squats will be marked clearly – with Spencer’s blood.

Why doesn’t Rudy just say high bar every time? Because he doesn’t fucking want to.

What does UB mean?

Unbroken. Yes, if the workout calls for 20 UB cock punches, you must cock punch yourself 20 times in a row without stopping.

What if you break? You have to start over from 0.

What if you’re too tired, pussy out and just finish the set without restarting? The fucking world ends.

When do I rest?

On days when there’s not a fucking workout programmed, asshole. It’s been Thursday and Sunday since time fucking immemorial. Will it change? How the fuck should I know? Read the site.

Also: “when you’re too fucking tired to work out” is another correct answer.