Podcast Episode 4 – Program Schedule

The complete Outlaw program schedule breakdown! In this episode, the guys go over everything you need to know in order to get the best results out of the program and your athletes including:

Overall explanation of the 5 day schedule

Your feedback and program evolution

The amount of volume prescribed

What to have your athletes do on the other 2 days

What  to do if all your athletes can’t stick to the 5 day schedule as prescribed

How to facilitate a make-up day

What to do if some of your athletes always miss a certain day of the week (squat day, etc)

How the oly and power lifts are typically laid out in a given week

When to drop a squat day


Rudy’s cycling fun fact (no, not that kind of cycling)

The Outlaw Way Podcast – Episode 3 – Tier 2 and Tier 3 Movements

This episode is a follow-up to the discussion on Tier 1 movements and how they fit within The Outlaw Way Gym Program.

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The Outlaw Way Podcast

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On today’s episode of The Outlaw Way, John and Rudy begin their discussion on the hierarchy of components in The Outlaw Way Gym Program and go in-depth on Tier 1 movements. They address common concerns among gym owners regarding their specific clientele and discuss why putting a glass ceiling on your clients stunts their growth… regardless of their perceived limitations and your positive intent in doing so.

20.4 Strategy and Tips

Welcome to Week 4 of the 2020 CrossFit Open! The guys are here with your workout strategy including box jump dance moves, llamas, and the most pressing question of all…what shoes to wear.
1:12 The WOD
1:53 Box jump strategy
3:52 Breaking on the clean and jerks
5:18 John’s thoughts on PRs for this wod
5:57 TASK plug
6:52 Pistol strategy
9:04 Mobility Mobility Mobility!
9:25 Time cap strategy for mortals

TASK Performance Based Communication by Tom Reid: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1792161018?pf_rd_p=183f5289-9dc0-416f-942e-e8f213ef368b&pf_rd_r=ZZ79EYZ9733XYSF23FG9

20.3 Strategy and Tips

Week 3 of the CrossFit Open is all about that posterior chain and the guys have got your tips and strategy!
0:50 initial thoughts
3:10 the hspu standard
4:20 Rudy’s tip for measuring your hspu
5:30 John’s tips for the deadlifts
7:51 Rudy’s hspu strategy
9:56 whatever you do… don’t do THIS
11:17 the handstand walks
14:43 repeats
16:52 Rudy’s prediction for 20.4
17:39 Rudy turns 26  

20.2 Strategy and Tips

In episode 2 of this year’s Open season, the guys discuss movement strategies and how to minimize transition times to get you that extra round in 20.2 as well as their predictions for 20.3! 
1:39 The workout
4:16 The two kinds of athletes
6:11 The thruster weight
7:38 The toes to bar strategy… (hint: don’t jump!)
9:39 How to minimize transition time
11:23 What to do with the double unders if you’re not great at them
12:07 Pacing… similar to 20.1?
12:57 Predictions for 20.3
13:39 Make the people hurt

20.1 Strategy and Tips

20.1 has arrived and the guys are back with strategies and tips!
1:11 The workout
2:15 Panchik vs Froning
3:20 Pacing for mortals
5:59 Should you muscle snatch?
6:50 Penalties
9:00 The row analogy
10:21 Snatch and burpee split times for finishers
12:37 Once you’re dead, you’re dead
12:58 Best time in the world?

Pre Open Logistical Strategy

Welcome back to another season of The Outlaw Way! In this episode, the guys get all hopped up on nitro brew and discuss the Open logistical strategy for gym owners.

0:24 John’s homemade nitro brew

0:43 Shameless product placement

1:01 Suggestions for gym owners

1:40 Programming surrounding the Open WODs

2:08 Athletes’ goals for the Open/ One and done?

2:41 Rudy almost gets stabbed

3:23 Mondays and redos/make ups

3:40 Saturday programming during the Open

4:45 Overall programming during the Open season

6:09 The number one goal for the Open

7:09 Highly-technical-video-editing-software-flex

The 2019 CrossFit Games Recap

Back at the Stronghold with Japanese whiskey in hand, the guys recap this year’s CrossFit Games.

0:00 typical f*ckery

1:23 recap begins

2:19 the clean event

3:38 the tie-breaker

4:47 THE CUT

9:48 greatest Games performance ever?


19:48 John gets distracted

22:20 Rudy’s takeaway (how to win the Games)

23:13 John’s takeaway

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When Should I Start?

“I want to jump in at a time that’s responsible for my athletes.” On this week’s episode of The Outlaw Way, the guys sit down to tackle the biggest concern of all…when to start. Also, is purple drank an illicit drug? Stay tuned to find out!

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0:06 John Dill is a hippie?

0:33 When should we start the program?

0:58 Where are we at in the strength cycle?

1:48 Concurring cycles within the program

2:41 Jumping in at the end of a strength cycle

3:29 Non-specific training

5:18 Changing the gym culture

6:15 Movement virtuosity and program structure for more accomplished vs. less accomplished movers

6:46 Is purple drank an illicit drug?