Yes, I’m gonna finish the recap, but we’re having too much fun in the home of the Deftones right now. Did you guys know that California is the coldest place on earth?

More camp dates coming this week, including a place I never thought I’d see (go to a world map, find Finland, then look straight south about 6,000 miles).

WOD 131216:


Snatch: 1X2@75, 1X1@80%, 1X1@90%, 3X1@95%, 1X2@80%, 1X1@85%, 1X1@90% – rest 60 sec. up to 90%, then rest 2:00 through 95%, then 60 sec. for remainder


1a) 4X2/4 FS/BS @ 80% of 1rm FS – rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X5 UB Weighted Strict C2B Pull-ups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.



For time:

21 Thrusters 95/65#
9 Muscle-Ups
15 Thrusters 95/65#
7 Muscle-Ups
9 Thrusters 95/65#
5 Muscle-Ups



WOD 131214:


2X1 Clean & Jerk @ 95% – rest as needed


1a) 3X3 Front Squats @ 75% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X5 Jerk Balances @ 40%-50% of 1rm Jerk – rest 60 sec.


“2012 Regionals Event 2”

For time:

Row 2,000M
50 Pistols (alternating)
30 Hang Cleans (power or squat) 225/135#


Sorry, spent too much time hanging out with this dude see perfect squat below to finish the recap today. Don’t get mad, I did say probably.


WOD 131213:


3X1 Snatches @ 95% – rest as needed


1a) 4X3+3 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS @ 85% of 1rm Snatch – rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X10 Weighted GHD Hip Extension – heavy, rest 60 sec.


5 rounds for total working time of:

10 OHS 135/95#
500′ Shuttle Run (50′ course, 5 down and back trips)
10 C2B Pull-ups

Rest 1:00 after each round.


Ok, here goes the AO recap…

The Meet-

I cannot imagine running a meet of this size and magnitude. Someone told me (I don’t know how accurate this is), that this year’s AO had more lifters competing than the Chinese National WL Championships—if that’s even close to true it should give you a pretty good bearing on the size of the meet. Bobby Sirkis, and the rest of the staff that put on the event, did a spectacular job of providing everything the lifters and coaches needed, and SOMEHOW kept the event completely on schedule. When I first heard how many lifters would be attending, I had visions of sessions running into the middle of the night—that never happened. In fact, we were rushed a few times to get warmups in for lifters who were closer to the start of the sessions.

The Judges-

I’m going to try to not go too hard here, but I don’t think USAW will get their feelings hurt too badly, because from what I’ve heard they’ve already heard a ton of complaints. Apparently (I’ve heard this from multiple sources), a judge fell asleep. Asleep. To say that the judging was inconsistent, would be like saying the Redskins have been a “disappointment” (it would be a MASSIVE understatement—the Redskins SUCK). I personally watched the 58k A Session from the front of the room, and saw at least five lifts go the other direction from what I, or the very vocal crowd, would have called. I get the whole “purity of the sport thing”, and that we’re just a bunch of dumb exercisers who will white light any lift, but quite a few of those 500 sets of eyes actually know the rules of Weightlifting and saw something completely different than the blue jackets. Also, if a judge, at a NATIONAL MEET, has to look at the other judges before they make a decision, it’s probably time to hang up your flags.

The Crowd-

When Travis Cooper walked to the bar for the final lift of the 85k A Session, the crowd began to chant “USA, USA, USA!”. They did this because Travis was trailing Muhammad Begaliev (currently a student in the US, from Uzbekistan) by 9k going into his final Clean & Jerk. Travis jumped from 188k to 198k for that final attempt, and it would have been a 7k meet PR for him. Long story short, the crowd was INTO it. I’ve been to a few National meets now, and more than enough local meets, I have NEVER heard a crowd like the one in Dallas. It was standing-room-only from midday Saturday, until the close of the meet. The competitive exercisers may have bad technique, and may be ruining the purity of the sport, but I’ll be dammed if we don’t know how to cheer for a big lift. Next year’s AO needs to be somewhere big.

The City-

Editorial note: I would like to preface this by saying I have many friends in Dallas (and I actually like Texas), and this is in no way directed at them, this is strictly directed at whoever runs the place.

DALLAS SUCKS. No, this is not residual football rivalry anger, this is truly based off my experience from the AO. They got some ice on Thursday, maybe a half inch, that was covered with some light snow, AND THE WHOLE EFFING PLACE SHUT DOWN. There were at least fifteen lifters (including our own Jake Dickerson, and Emily Carothers), who couldn’t even get to town! The kitchen of the Westin was completely shut down because the cooking staff DIDN’T SHOW UP. No one had anything to eat, and in the middle of multiple weight cuts, that’s just not cool. This rant gives me another opportunity to praise the event directors and staff, as they SOMEHOW still pulled off the meet. I swear I thought the lights would go off at some point, and we’d be lifting by candlelight. For future reference, City of Dallas: buy a couple snow plows, or some salt trucks. That’s not just my east coast snobbery talking, it’s the law of averages. Some times you guys have bad weather too.

Yes, this actually happened, I swear on my beard this is what I used to scrape my windshield…


Our Team-

Yes, I’m going to save the good stuff for tomorrow, you all probably fell asleep by now anyway (see what I did there?).

To be continued (probably)…

WOD 131212:

Rest day.


(Sorry, I swear I’ll have a full recap post tomorrow – probably.)

As if beating American Open 105+ Champion, Tom Sroka, on the Snatch see above wasn’t enough sorry Tom, you shouldn’t have told me, Paul Estrada had to take things to the next level at the AO. No matter how impaired booze, how late 3:00am, or how ridiculous the location outside the main competition hall while we were trying to break in for an inebriated Snatch off between Jared Fleming, Jon North, and Kendrick Farris, Paul proved yet again that he is a modern Hercules in space dolphin tights. The “Tallest Lifter in America” fact, or “Pole Vaulter” as Tom Sroka called him, simply took a human female 48kg AO 3rd place finisher – Suzy Sanchez into his bare hand, and performed a classic feat of strength with her. Next thing you know he’ll be able to walk on his hands like a Bunyanesque gymnast video coming tomorrow.

WOD 131211:


1) 4X3 Hang Power Snatch @ 75%-80% – rest 90 sec.
2) 4X2+2 Power Clean + Push Jerk @ 75% – rest 90 sec.


1a) 4X2/4 FS/BS @ 94% of 131209 – rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X5 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU (regionals standard) – rest 60 sec.

Note: This should be performed as one consecutive set. If your first round total reps are over 20, add a plate or parallettes for a deficit.


4X1000m Row

Rest after rounds: 1 – 3:00, 2 – 2:00, 3 – 1:00


No time for a full recap today. I should have one up, with videos, tomorrow. Here’s some of my favorite pics from the weekend.

Just so everyone knows, Paul had toilet paper stuffed up his nose because he snatched so heavy in warmups that his nose started bleeding – not kidding.


WOD 131210:


4X1 Clean & Jerk @ 90% – rest 1:30-2:00


1a) 4X3 Clean First Pulls (with 3 count pause at knee) @ 110-120% of 1RM Clean – rest 90 sec.
1b) 4X3 Behind Neck Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


12 minute AMRAP of:

50 Double Unders
20 TTB
10 Power Clean & Push Jerks 135/95#



WOD 131209:


5X1 Snatch @ 90% – rest 1:30-2:00


1a) 5X2/4 FS/BS @ 100% of max FS (from beginning of the cycle) – rest 90 sec.

*If you can’t complete the work, drop the weight and get the work done.

1b) 5X10 Strict Pullups – rest 90 sec.


4 rounds for total time of:

25 Wall Balls 20/14#
10 Power Snatches 115/75#

Rest 1:00 between rounds.


I swear to G, I understand how hard it must be to pull off a WL meet of this magnitude. I’m not trying to be a whiner, but this is almost too confusing for anyone to follow. Here’s an updated schedule. I know you’re all probably scheduling your entire lives around this, so I apologize if you penciled in a major surgery, or wedding, around the AO viewing schedule and now everything has gone to hell. As you can see, this afternoon should be pretty exciting, and thankfully some of our best ladies have been separated tomorrow evening. Also, Spencer will be defending his title at 5:00pm now instead of the 3:00pm I posted yesterday. Everything is running a little behind, but these times should be pretty accurate. I’ve included the platform for each lifter, so you don’t have to spend 45 minutes trying to figure out which webcast you should be watching. You’re welcome.

CLICK HERE for the Webcast (in case you missed it yesterday).


Kevin Simons (94C) Platform B
Drew Bignall (94C) Platform B
James McCoy (94C) Platform B

Thomas Felstead (69B) Platform A

JoEllyn McAtee (75B) Platform C
Kat Anderson (75B) Platform C
Paul Estrada (105+B) Platform B



Sarabeth Phillips (58A) Platform A
Caitlin Vodopia (58A) Platform A
Spencer Arnold (69A) Platform B

Nicole Capurso (63A) Platform B


Marco Coppola (94A) Platform B

Elisabeth Akinwale (75A) Platform A

WOD 131207:

Run, Swim, Row, Cycle for 30:00-45:00 at 70-80% intensity.

Notes: And don’t do anything else.


Ok kids, here’s the most accurate list we could put together. Things may change a little with a few of our lifters trying to move weight classes, but this should be fairly accurate. I’ll post any possible changes to twitter and the facebooks, so shameless plug make sure you’re following one of them (if, of course, you care).

Here’s the link to THE AO WEBCAST.

Obviously there’s a ton of people lifting (including other Outlaw BB lifters), but the start times listed below are for the lifters who we are working directly with. Also, remember the times are CST. Here’s some highlights…

-8:00am Friday will feature Harrison Marus trying to break his own 13 and under American Records.

-8:30pm Friday is the night of the “Kings of the Outlaws”, and the tall blonde girls. Featuring Paul Estrada, and Kevin Simons, as well as, Kat Anderson and JoEllyn McAtee ALL at the same time. I’m a little excited about this one.

-Saturday at 3:00pm features defending AO 69k Champion, Spencer Arnold. Enough said.

-Saturday at 7:30pm features possibly our most talented group of women. 2012 5th place 58k, Sarabeth Phillips, Outlaw CrossFit’s own, Caitlin Vodopia, and the 63k D1 basketball player turned elite lifter, Nicole Capurso. These are some of our best podium chances, and most fun to watch lifters.

-Sunday, 12:30pm and 1:30pm, Coppola and Akinwale, arguably the two strongest overall competitive exercisers on earth, and arguably the best candidates for active CrossFitters to take a podium at a national meet. Someone may need to duct tape me to a chair for a few hours.


Harrison Marus (YB)

Emily Carothers (63C)
Jess Shultz (63C)
Jake Dickerson (69C)

Drew Bignall (94C)
James McCoy (94C)

Ingrid Kantola (63B)
Thomas Felstead (69B)

JoEllyn McAtee (75B)
Kat Anderson (75B)
Kevin Simons (94B)
Paul Estrada (105+B)


Spencer Arnold (69A)

Sarabeth Phillips (58A)
Caitlin Vodopia (58A)
Nicole Capurso (63A)


Marco Coppola (94A)

Elisabeth Akinwale (75A)

WOD 131206:


1) 15 min to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 min to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Courtesy of Ben Bergeron.


3 rounds for time of:

1 Legless Rope Climb 15′
2 Snatches 225/145#
3 Back Squats 365/245#
4 Parallette HSPU 13/9″ (to top of parallette)


Just in case any of the AO lifters have missed this, the singlets are in. I will be bringing them with me to Dallas on Thursday, and will pass them out at the technical meeting. And yes, thanks to Syn are due. They are perfect.

Tomorrow I will post session times, and a link to the webcast, so you can all tune in and watch the Outlaw Barbell lifters. We’ve just gotten an updated start list, so I’ll try to simplify everything for you guys at home. I can tell you this, Saturday is going to be fun.

WOD 131205:

Rest day.