Podcast Episode 6 – Implementing The Outlaw Way Gym Program: Interview with Ben Roberts (Part 1)

Welcome Ben Roberts, AKA Big Beasy to the show!

Ben is the Director of Sites at CrossFit Sua Sponte with two locations in North Carolina.

In this episode, John and Ben discuss the logistics and methodology behind utilizing The Outlaw Way Gym Program at two CrossFit affiliates.
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Podcast Episode 5 – Class Structure

The guys are back again to answer all your questions on how to fitness people! This week, they cover general class structure using the new program and how to time everything to fit seamlessly into a 60-minute window.

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Podcast Episode 4 – Program Schedule

The complete Outlaw program schedule breakdown! In this episode, the guys go over everything you need to know in order to get the best results out of the program and your athletes including:

Overall explanation of the 5 day schedule

Your feedback and program evolution

The amount of volume prescribed

What to have your athletes do on the other 2 days

What  to do if all your athletes canโ€™t stick to the 5 day schedule as prescribed

How to facilitate a make-up day

What to do if some of your athletes always miss a certain day of the week (squat day, etc)

How the oly and power lifts are typically laid out in a given week

When to drop a squat day


Rudy’s cycling fun fact (no, not that kind of cycling)

The Outlaw Way Podcast – Episode 3 – Tier 2 and Tier 3 Movements

This episode is a follow-up to the discussion on Tier 1 movements and how they fit within The Outlaw Way Gym Program.

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The Outlaw Way Podcast

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On today’s episode of The Outlaw Way, John and Rudy begin their discussion on the hierarchy of components in The Outlaw Way Gym Program and go in-depth on Tier 1 movements. They address common concerns among gym owners regarding their specific clientele and discuss why putting a glass ceiling on your clients stunts their growth… regardless of their perceived limitations and your positive intent in doing so.


Happy birthday to my fellow Aussie explorer, and the most American MF in ‘Merican history.

WOD 151104:


Every 1:30 for 9:00 (7 total sets)-

3 T&G Power Snatches – begin around 70% of max Power Snatch and work to a 5rm for the day


5 rounds of:

:45 ME Front Squats @ 80%
:15 Rest
:45 Shoulder Taps (back facing wall)
:15 Rest


For time:

100′ HS Walk
50 KBS 24/16kg
25 Thrusters 155/105#
50 KBS 24/16kg
100′ HS Walk


I want to give a shoutout to my long-time athlete, good friend, and minority partner in Outlaw Industries – Paul Castaneda. He’s gone from a multiple year top-ten Regional athlete, to a national caliber lifter in the last year. A few weeks ago he qualified for his first American Open – at the ripe old age of 34 – and he keeps hitting PRs, despite the fact that he has no idea how to speak kilos. And, in the next year his Old Man Strength will kick in, and maybe he will be Outlaw Barbell’s first World Champion (if Jeb and Talayna don’t beat him to it).

WOD 151103:


1) 5X1 1 Paused Clean + 1 Paused Hang Clean + 1 Paused Hang Clean from Power Position (3 count pause at knee for first two, then in power position for third) – work to a max for the complex, rest as needed

2) 5X1 Push Press + 2 Push Jerks + 3 Split Jerks – work to a max for the complex, rest as needed


1a) 4X10 Tempo Strict TTB (3 counts down after touching bar) โ€“ rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X5 Strict HSPU + ME UB Kipping HSPU โ€“ after last strict rep (without getting off wall) perform ME UB Kipping HSPU, rest 90 sec.


12:00 AMRAP of:

9 Power Snatches 115/75#
12 C2B Pullups
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20


95kg/209# – 4 weeks from Houston.


120kg/265# – 5 weeks from Reno.

WOD 151102:


5X1 1 Paused Snatch (at knee) + 1 Paused Hang Snatch + 1 Paused Hang Snatch from Power Position (3 count pause in each position) – work to a max for the complex, rest 2:00


1a) 4X5 Weighted GH Raises โ€“ heaviest possible, rest 2:00

1b) 4X3 BTN Push Jerks + 1 Heaving Snatch Balance (“close to” Jerk grip for all – no Snatch grip) โ€“ work to a max for the complex, rest 2:00


Row 2k – for time.



WOD 151031:


1) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


15:00 to establish a 3rm Front Squat.


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:

7 muscle-ups
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders

Men use 20-lb. ball to 10 feet, Women use 14-lb. ball to 9 feet


This is one of the more thought provoking things I’ve seen recently. The average Weightlifting total for this group would be 290kg @ (a very light) 94kg for men, and 177kg @ (an extremely light) 69kg for women. Here are a couple thoughts that I had…

-If traditional CF scaling from men to women is 70% load, something doesn’t add up. 177kg is right around 61% of 290kg. 70% would be a 203kg total; which would all but guarantee a podium at any national meet, and be close to qualifying for an international team. The average women’s bodyweight in this group is also around 72% of the average men’s bodyweight.

-Does that mean women’s weights should be lowered to 61% on workouts? Nope. Women typically can operate at a higher percentage of their 1RM for longer than men (Google studies on this if you’d like proof, or just trust me). Which is why – when scaled to 70% – women’s times/reps are usually equal to men’s, but when weights are reduced to the 60% range; the ladies dominate. 13.1 would be the best example of this. With scaled loads at about 60%, the top women’s score was 211 reps, and top men’s just 199. Twenty women scored 200 or more reps. Blowout.

-A 13% increase on a total is massive. MASSIVE. That’s what happened to the women’s field. With the absence of Camille from the top-ten, and her near international level lifts, this is shocking to me. This is roughly a 20kg increase on the top-ten women’s totals. With roughly 12kg of that increase coming in the Snatch alone. This tells me one of two things happened: 1) the programming favored those who Snatch well (which I don’t believe with Camille, Ence, Wells, and Akinwale all outside of the top ten)… Or, 2) the entire field got way better at Snatching.

-The deadlift is, well… Not a very good test of anything in this sport.


WOD 151030:


Every 2:00 for 8:00-

4 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks – begin around 70% of max PC&PJ and work to a 4RM for the day


1) 4X1 Strict Press + 3 Push Press – work to max for the complex, rest 2:00

2) 1X2 Strict Press + ME Push Press – use heaviest load from #1


30:00 AMRAP (at a conversational pace or HR @ 150 BPM) of:

50′ HS Walk
50 OHS 45/35#
400M Run