Decision Making and the George Floyd Tragedy

John is back with Tom Reid, business consultant and author of T.A.S.K.: Performance Based Communication. The two sit down to discuss decision-making and their take on the George Floyd tragedy.

0:00:31 30k decisions per day

0:02:45 Do you set an intention each day for how you want to communicate?

0:03:30 Decision-making and the Minneapolis incident

0:05:30 John’s reaction to the video

0:08:50 Decision making, professionalism, and precision in special ops training

0:10:54 FBI statistics

0:11:13 Anti-social personality disorder

0:11:51 Compassion fatigue

0:13:11 Adrenaline in charged situations

0:14:08 Sixteen Shots

0:16:00 Colin Kaepernick’s stance and

0:16:40 John’s take on Kaepernick and the freedom of expression

0:18:52 Police culture and the integrity of individual responsibility

Talking Business with Tom Reid

On today’s episode of The Outlaw Way Podcast, John sits down with his good friend and business consultant, Tom Reid. Tom is a father, an entrepreneur, and communication extraordinaire. His first book, T.A.S.K.: Performance Based Communication is available now on Amazon.

0:01:25 How John and Tom met

0:05:20 Defining success in business

0:07:15 John’s vision for the gym: telling the story

0:08:24 Impediments to growth and sustainability for gym owners

0:10:07 The Secret Sauce: Programming vs Community

0:11:00 Gym branding

0:12:40 Passion and personal bandwidth

0:14:16 Compassion fatigue

0:16:45 The real reward

0:19:17 Tom’s Call to Action for business owners

0:23:04 How to focus your drive to increase your fulfillment

7 Rules for Keeping the Coronavirus Out of Your Gym

Welcome to Season 2 of The Outlaw Way Podcast! In this episode, John and Rudy sit down to discuss Coronavirus safety and incorporating Wendler’s 5/3/1 into the latest cycle of the Gym Program.

DISCLAIMER: Neither John or Rudy are medical professionals and none of the tips on this podcast should be taken seriously 😉

Discussion of the new cycle begins at 0:18:00

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Strength Part 2

Back at The Outlaw Way Stronghold, John Dill and Rudy Nielsen sit down to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of strength… are there any drawbacks? Stay tuned to find out!

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0:00:08 Ladies’ fears

0:01:04 The aesthetics conversation

0:02:31 John’s neck injury

0:07:50 Why is there so much strength work in The Outlaw Way Gym Program?

0:08:34 Redundancy of movement for strength cycles vs random movement for entertainment value

0:09:46 How to make class more fun for your athletes

0:14:31 Does Tony Robins have a death squad?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Strength – Part 1

Is The Outlaw Way’s CrossFit programming strength-biased? What are the drawbacks of strength? Are there any drawbacks? Stay tuned to find out!

0:00:02 John and Rudy play with arrows

0:00:31 The benefits and drawbacks of strength

0:01:00 Strength vs Size

0:02:51 Is Rudy like Prince?

0:03:26 Is The Outlaw Way CrossFit Programming strength-biased?

0:04:44 Talking to your clients about strength

0:05:58 John’s traps

0:06:22 Bodybuilders who can’t lift sh**

0:07:20 John’s definition of strength

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The Outlaw Way Gym Program incorporates ten years’ worth of research and development plus hands-on experience in training athletes from beginner to elite. The program is constructed around three main principles:

  • Logical lifting progressions designed to add overall strength and develop technical proficiency.
  • Constant exposure to more difficult gymnastic movements in a format that allows athletes different options for practice.
  • Conditioning pieces that challenge even the more accomplished athletes, and through strategic placement of movements, will still allow developing athletes the same metabolic stimulus.

By providing excellence in programming and access to subject matter experts, The Outlaw Way allows gym owners and coaches peace of mind and time to focus on their communities and build the relationships that will grow and sustain their businesses for the long haul.

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