Talking Business with Tom Reid

On today’s episode of The Outlaw Way Podcast, John sits down with his good friend and business consultant, Tom Reid. Tom is a father, an entrepreneur, and communication extraordinaire. His first book, T.A.S.K.: Performance Based Communication is available now on Amazon.

0:01:25 How John and Tom met

0:05:20 Defining success in business

0:07:15 John’s vision for the gym: telling the story

0:08:24 Impediments to growth and sustainability for gym owners

0:10:07 The Secret Sauce: Programming vs Community

0:11:00 Gym branding

0:12:40 Passion and personal bandwidth

0:14:16 Compassion fatigue

0:16:45 The real reward

0:19:17 Tom’s Call to Action for business owners

0:23:04 How to focus your drive to increase your fulfillment