Decision Making and the George Floyd Tragedy

John is back with Tom Reid, business consultant and author of T.A.S.K.: Performance Based Communication. The two sit down to discuss decision-making and their take on the George Floyd tragedy.

0:00:31 30k decisions per day

0:02:45 Do you set an intention each day for how you want to communicate?

0:03:30 Decision-making and the Minneapolis incident

0:05:30 John’s reaction to the video

0:08:50 Decision making, professionalism, and precision in special ops training

0:10:54 FBI statistics

0:11:13 Anti-social personality disorder

0:11:51 Compassion fatigue

0:13:11 Adrenaline in charged situations

0:14:08 Sixteen Shots

0:16:00 Colin Kaepernick’s stance and

0:16:40 John’s take on Kaepernick and the freedom of expression

0:18:52 Police culture and the integrity of individual responsibility