Why Should I Use The Outlaw Way Gym Program?

“Why should I use The Outlaw Way Gym Program?” The guys answer this question plus a lot more in this week’s episode of The Outlaw Way.

Scroll down for time stamps of each topic!

0:19 Rudy’s Sportster

0:42 “Why should I sign up for Outlaw programming?”

0:45 John’s answer

2:46 “My community is different…”

2:59 “My head coach writes the programming”

3:44 What you get back

4:00 Is the program proven?

4:42 John gets triggered

4:53 Wendler 5/3/1 vs Outlaw

6:05 “I want my gym to remain my brand”

7:00 Al’s Burger Analogy

9:04 Writing different levels of programming for different groups

10:40 Coaches’ development

11:58 Summing it all up

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