Alright guys I’m getting pretty stoked about the switch over to Wodfollow!

While making this transition to a more team like environment we’ve also decided to expand upon what we can offer you guys. We will begin offering 2 Outlaw Barbell templates vs just the 5 day template we’ve been offering now for a few years. We have seen that the 5 day template can be a bit too much volume for some of you who add our program on top of your current CrossFit program.

With that being the case we will also be adding a 3 day template geared to serve as an add on or supplemental program to your current training plan. This program will work great for masters athletes and anybody who is looking to seriously improve their lifting for CrossFit but without the risk of overtraining.

The 5 day program will serve CrossFit athletes that respond well to high volume, athletes that need to focus most of their effort on weightlifting and strength training to reach their CrossFit goals and of course all you weightlifters out there looking to maximize your potential exclusively in weightlifting.

Due to the nature of this transition the programs will no longer be free. However, you all will have a much more personal coach/athlete and athlete/athlete connection with myself, my father, and all the people who you have been following us with for the past few years!

We recognize many of you have been with us since day 1 so we want to offer all you guys a lifetime discount. The normal prices will be set to $15 and $25 per month for the two programs. You guys will only pay $10 and $20 for LIFE when you sign up for either or both of our templates.

Guys, I can’t express how great this transition will be and how much fun we are going to have. Between the new and improved templates geared to spark competitive training, the “Outlaw Barbell” Team FB group for shit talking and training videos and the Wodfollow platform for logging training that my father and I can monitor, this is going to be an incredible opportunity.

I hope you all join us in this transition! Stay tuned next week for the announcement on how to sign up and be a part of our new and improved program!

P.S… we’re gonna have so much room for activities!

This week’s program: cycle 11 week 2