New Beginnings

I hope everyone’s test week went well for those of you who were brave enough to max out and tackle 17.3… which turned out to be a max out session for a lot of people anyways.

Here comes the good stuff!

Effective Monday April 3rd Outlaw Barbell will be exclusively offered on Wodfollow. The Dave Fleming and I are really excited. This switch will allow us to create a whole new team like atmosphere and build a community for all us Outlaws to train together. Dave and I want to train alongside you guys and work with you on a level like never before and this is where it begins.

The traditional OBB style of programming that many of you have seen such great progress with will remain very similar. However, the program will take a new twist designed to create a competitive environment where outlaws from all around the world can come together to train and compete everyday and thrive together as a team.

The Outlaw community has felt like a family to me for many years! It’s time to create an environment where WE CAN ALL feel the same sense of family and community that I’ve felt working with all you guys the past several years.

Along with the new training platform (Wodfollow) which has so many great capabilities we will also be creating an Outlaw FB group exclusive to all of you who follow us into this new chapter. This group will serve as a home base to upload training videos, articles, memes, podcasts and whatever material us Outlaws will find motivating, knowledgeable, funny and will create a team like environment.

The way I see it is that it’s time to thrive or die. WE are going to take this step forward together and become something more then we’ve ever been.

Join us in this move and become better then you’ve ever been and have a shit ton of fun in the process!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as I give you guys the details on how to join us as we move forward. I promise we will leave none of you behind that want to come along!

This week’s program – cycle 11 week 1

* The next 3 weeks will be light and technique based while we finish the open and then we will hit the ground running as we start up on Wodfollow.