Test Week

Alright folks this is the final week of cycle 10. This week is a test week so have some fun and see where you’re at. Given that we’re in the middle of the open some of you may not test everyday to save yourself for 17.3 so just have fun.

Also, the Outlaw Barbell programming will be switching over to Wodfollow in the next month similar to the main Outlaw template. This will give a much more in depth experience to all of you guys who have been following our programming. The new platform will allow everyone to create a profile and directly log your training numbers (if you choose) and add comments for my father and I to see. This switch will also help to create a community where everyone will have an opportunity to compare training numbers as well as list comments to a thread each week to communicate with others following the program.

I’m pretty excited for this switch because it will give my father and I the opportunity to connect with all of you guys at a deeper level and be more directly involved with your daily training! As we get closer to this switch I will post the details on how to get setup.

This week’s programĀ cycle 10 week 12