9 thoughts on “17.2 Strategy & Tips

  1. Great videos. Your strategies for 17.1 added 29 reps to my first try. I get the 7/1 for the DB cleans so you are not doing an extra clean to get into the lunges. But that is the end of the round and therefor the tiebreaker. Isn’t it better to get the faster tiebreaker?

  2. What do you think of after finishing a few bmu, stay at the top of the bar and lean over and shake out your hands so that you don’t have to jump back up and down?

    • Always a good idea if you’re really good on the bar. Talayna prefers to rest up there.

    • Hey Hanson, I was following the 4/3/3/3 scheme and I thought I wouldn’t finish the 4th round, so after 4/3/3 my judge and friend just told me not to drop and I did what you say without thinking much about it. I did one rep, counted 2 seconds at the top with arms locked out and open hands on the bar to save grip, did another, and I did the last 6 reps in this fashion. Worked for me, jumped straight to the cleans/curls (that hook grip tip is excellent as well). Hope that helps you if you go for a redo on Monday. Also consider your size for this, I’m on the light side and my concern lies more on the weights than the gymnastics.

  3. You are THE SHIT. These videos are the best advice you can find out there, free or otherwhise. Every piece of information is useful, I’ve been following them for the last couple of years and it’s nothing but the bearded truth.

  4. Are you 100% sure about the grip for those lunges. I think it’s great, but others at my gym think its questionable. They say it’s a no rep because the dumbell is soley resting on the shoulders. I’m redoing it tomorrow and want to use this grip. I’m pretty small and every other way the dumbell slips off my shoulders.

    • It’s not resting solely on the shoulders. It’s resting in a hand that’s completely wrapped around it, and the shoulders.

      • Well I’m going for it at twelve and I’m using this hold. I have 90 right now..I want 124.. 🙂

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