Oregon & Mexico Camps

You know what would be American as F*ck?????! Going diving with sharks, playing Indiana Jones at some Mayan ruins, paddle boarding with killer whales, learning to snatch 375lbs… These are only a few of the things we will be doing in Mexico on Feb 10-16.

So… If you wanna learn to be even more American As F*ck then you already are and tear up Mexico and leave nothing left but Red, White and Blue skid marks then lets go to Mexico!!??????

But forreal don’t be a commie and come to Mexico with me.

Shoot me an email or click the link below to get more details about this unique opportunity to kick it with Outlaw Barbell and AdventurefitTravel in Mexico.

In other news our first Outlaw camp in 2017 has just been scheduled! We will be coming to 3-46 GRIT CrossFit in Gresham, OR on Jan 28-29. We are looking to schedule more camps going into next year so if you are interested in hosting please shoot me an email. THEAMERICANLIFTER@GMAIL.COM

Lastly, here is the first week in our next training cycle. It has been roughly 20 weeks since our last strength cycle so THE Dave Fleming figured it was time to get strong again. Gear up for roughly 6-8 weeks of strength based programming.

Week 1 – cycle-10-week-1