Asia, Colorado, and Elite Camp

I got a MASSIVE response from several of you guys out in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder! Thank you guys so much for helping pick this Colorado camp back up! I am in the process of setting up a couple different camps out there so stay tuned next week for some official dates.

In other news, I will be traveling to Asia in late October and would love to teach some Outlaw training camps while that way. Any gyms in the following countries or nearby that would like to host a training camp in Oct-Nov please hit me up: India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei… Mhmm (Mike Mogard) or any countries nearby. Shoot your emails to me here:

As for the 5 day intensive training camp on Sept 7-11 we currently have only 3 spots remaining. If you’re looking to dramatically increase your knowledge on how to coach weightlifting or spend 5 days training with The Dave Fleming and I you don’t want to miss out! All the info you need about this camp is here: 5 Day Elite Camp

Lastly, there will be some changes coming soon to the Outlaw website. We will be adding a page listing and recognizing all Outlaw training centers as well as overhauling the Outlaw Barbell page to accommodate the new Outlaw camp structure which will soon be Levels 1-4.

And I just can’t help it… so here is a little something that may or may not be coming soon too… idk.

Outlaw PlateOutlaw Plate

This week’s workout: Cycle 8 Week 9