5 Day Elite Training Camp

Hey guys,

I honestly cannot tell you how stoked I am to be able to offer this new 5 day training camp! The Outlaw Way has truly never offered anything like this… EVER. This is going to be a true training camp where we will have programs written up each day for everyone to follow and for Dave and I, Yes The Dave Fleming will be there!!, to coach everyone through. There will also be “how to” sessions where we will discuss how to execute movements properly and breakdown video.

The camp will be located in Rock Hill, SC on September 7-11 for $599. Attached is an overview of everything you need to know and what to expect at camp. I will also have a daily itinerary made up within the next week to give to anyone who has signed up or is curious for a more detailed breakdown of camp. *Registration for camp will be up soon and will be posted here as soon as it’s up.

Camp Overview5 Day Elite Camp

O yeah… I’m just gonna put this right here…. Stay tuned for details next Sunday.

Big shit is happening folks!!


This week’s program: Cycle 8 Week 6