Mat Fraser!


In case you haven’t heard, elite Weightlifter turned CrossFitter, Mat Fraser just won the 2016 CrossFit Games!!

Not like anyone needed any more convincing but once again Mat has proven that having an elite foundation in Weightlifting is the cornerstone of being a great CrossFitter (that being said you can’t neglect the importance of Gymnastics skills and cardiovascular endurance).

On another note… sorry for uploading this program Monday rather then Sunday. This will not become a common theme. Things got so crazy last night here in Carson that I didn’t know who or where I was… slight overstatement but you get the point.

Down to business here, Outlaw Barbell is in a state of change and a lot of really cool things are in the works. One of the many things we are working on is the system of how the Outlaw Barbell camps are run. The past few years we have only offered a standard OBB camp. The plan is to very soon start offering Lv. 1, Lv 2, Lv. 3, and Lv. 4 training camps. The current OBB camp will become a Lv. 3 camp and what I’m most excited about will be the level 4 camp!!

The Lv. 4 will be a 5 day intensive training camp that is not only a “how to” but a true training camp with scheduled workouts to take everyone through to practice and develop all the accessories and skills needed in Weightlifting. This camp is meant to break you down (technically not physically) and build you back up into an entirely new athlete or coach.

The new elite Lv. 4 camp will be the most involved camp TOW has ever offered. I am so excited for this to launch!! These camps will be limited to around 10 athletes and my plan is to offer 1 before the end of this year. This camp will only be a couple times a year so if you are interested you DO NOT want to miss this opportunity. More details will be going public in the next week or 2 but if in reading this you already know you’re interested in the new elite camp please email me at to get further details and tentatively reserve a spot on the newest and most involved camp EVER.

Stay tuned for next week when I announce some other really cool things to come at you guys!!

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