Colorado & Cycle 8 Week 4

This week is a mini test week for sets of 5. If you’re feeling good in any particular movement feel free to go above 80% but try and do everything for 5.

cycle 8 week 4

In other news, stay tuned for a couple new OBB training camps that we are about to release. I am for sure planning to come to Colorado in September. So stay tuned!

As for now we currently have 2 camps on the roster:

*Both of these camps will be low attendance and will focus a lot on 1 on 1 work with everyone.

Raleigh-Durham, Nc
August 6-7

Boston, Ma
August 13-14

If you’d like to host an OBB camp this fall email me at for more info.

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    • Hell ya man! Still trying to get it all setup. Plan is to come to Denver last weekend of September.

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