Cycle 8 is here!

What’s up guys?!

Today marks the start of a new cycle. We are now on the 8th consecutive cycle written by the man himself, The Dave Fleming. I’m not even sure exactly what he has in store for all of us during this cycle but I can promise you it will be good!

In other news, if anybody following this program expects or hopes to qualify for the American Open this year email me at so we can get your info so that Dave and I can make tentative plans to coach you.

Also, don’t tell anybody, but I’m tentatively planning on making the American Open my first comeback competition! I don’t expect to be breaking any new American records right away but it will be great to get back on the platform and get back in the game.

Lastly, Outlaw Barbell has a few new camps on the roster — be sure to check them out!

Upcoming OBB camp schedule:

El Paso, Tx
July 9-10

Clarksville, Tn
July 16-17

Raleigh-Durham, Nc
August 6-7

Boston, Ma
August 13-14


This week’s free OBB programming:

Cycle 8 Week 1