Alright folks, it’s getting about time for these squats and push presses to be feeling a bit challenging. The squats and push presses will continue to increase in intensity and decrease in volume for roughly 2 more weeks. Nearing the end of these 2 weeks we will test to establish a new 1 RM front squat. I have to talk to the old man, The Dave Fleming, but I think after these 2 weeks we will give everyone a de-load week, to recover before testing.

Snatch grip push press or push press
50%-5, 60%-5, 70%-5, 90% – 4×4

Snatch pulls
55%-5, 65%-5, 75%-5, 85% – *(1-3)x5

*If feeling good you can do up to 3 sets at 85% today for Snatch Pulls

Front Squat
50%-5, 60%-5, 70%-5, 90% – 4×4

Upcoming OBB camp schedule

Taftville, Ct
June 25-26

El Paso, Tx
July 9-10

Clarksville, Tn
July 16-17

Raleigh-Durham, Nc
August 6-7

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  1. Jared- I have a meet July 24th any advice to to alter this programming or what?

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