Rest Day

Typically on my “rest days” I like to treat them more as active recovery days rather then sit around watching Netflix eating Ben and Jerry’s days… Which there is nothing wrong with that lol.

A few things I might recommend would be yoga, swimming, bike, or go for a hike. On my days off when I was full blown in the mix of training before Worlds last year I would always try to do something on my day off, Sunday. The Sundays I treated as active recovery days I felt much better going into training on Monday then the days I sat around doing nothing. I was less sore, it took less time to warm up, and I felt more spry and recharged for training.

Today, my advice is to you is find something you like to do that will get you up and moving so you will be better prepared for Friday. If you do CrossFit then hit a metcon or something. Just get moving!