Jared Fleming Has Taken Over

Hey All,

*Public Service Announcement*

THE Dave Fleming is currently in Colombia with Team USA at the Pan Am Championships as USA’s Team Leader… Kindof a big deal. I, THE Dave Fleming’s son, Jared Fleming, will be taking over the programming for the week. So grab your ass because it’s about to get real! Let’s go!

On another note — My father and I recently launched our completely personalized programming. We’re seeing great success so far with everyone who is on board. You owe it to yourself to AT LEAST email me at Jared@outlawway2.wpengine.com to get some more info on how we can help take your lifting to the next level! Only $99 per month… This is legit. Email me!

Cycle 7, Week 4, Day 1

Snatch grip push press or push press
55%-5, 65%-5, 75%-5, 85% – 5×5

Snatch pulls
55%-5, 65%-5, 75%-5, 85% – 5

Front Squat
55%-5, 65%-5, 75%-5, 85% – 5×5

Here is the upcoming Outlaw Barbell camp schedule. I will personally be leading all of the following camps listed.

*All Outlaw barbell camps now come with certificates with the completion of the course.*

Taftville, Ct
June 25-26

El Paso, Tx
July 9-10

Clarksville, Tn
July 16-17

Raleigh-Durham, Nc
August 6-7

If you’re interested in hosting a training camp with me or Dave email me at Jared@outlawway2.wpengine.com