To everyone who is new, hi ??.

To everyone who is back, welcome home ???.

To everyone who has been here the whole time, I love you ?‍❤️‍?.

It’s a new era, where I use emojis in posts (they probs didn’t work anyway), and Ilya Ilyin has reminded us that Santa Claus does not exist. What do all these changes mean for you? If the emojis didnt work, not much. You now have multiple ways to follow TOW.

-The first, and honestly best option is our Competitor and Masters templates on Wodfollow. In addition to the weakness tracks which were already in place (designed to cater to the individual athlete’s area of need), we now have a daily movement specific warmup/prehab prescription, and a new track designed to increase cycle rate and overall work speed. Also, because we think it’s the best option for everyone, for the remainder of this month you can use the coupon code Outlaw50 to get your first month half off. CLICK HERE to register (choose Competitor or Masters at the bottom of the screen and enter Outlaw50).

-The second, is something I promised last week. The daily free workouts from this site, are now available on our free Wodfollow template. Simply CLICK HERE, and choose the “follow” option at the top of the page. Why should you do this? Because you’d be an idiot not to. It is the same program that’s here, but with the Wodfollow tracking software. It will also allow you to be able to receive communications on the program, and compare scores – in a much easier way – with others who are following. Please, for the love of non-steroid-using Weightlifters, sign up and post your results. It’s all I have asked for since day one of this site, now please make my dreams come true. Or give me your Ducati, either one will work.

-Third, and finally… Follow the workouts here, and post. Which would be a wonderfully vintage-y thing to do. Or… Follow the workouts here, and don’t post. Which would mean you’re a communist and probably conspired to change Ilya’s drug test after London. Shame on you.


WOD 160606:


EMOM for 10:00-

1 Hang Snatch (from Power Position) + 1 Hang Snatch (from just above knee)

*Begin around 60% of 1RM and add weight each minute to a max complex for the day.


10:00 Strict Muscle-Ups

-If you don’t have these – use bands to assist DEMO VIDEO, but make sure they are not “easy”.
-If you have ONE Regional caliber Strict MU, but cannot perform more than one without dropping, accumulate as many as possible in 10:00.
-If you have 2 or more UB, wear a vest which makes for “difficult” reps, and accumulate as many as possible in 10:00.


5 rounds of:

20/15 Calorie Row
50′ Burpee Broad Jump
50 Double-Unders

Rest 1:1

13 thoughts on “160606

  1. Thanks for the site and programming. I really missed you while you were gone. I enjoy the programming you do.

  2. What is the “weakness tracks”, I think I missed this on the app is that where you enter you weights to see how weak you are?
    Not trying to troll just trying to figure it out
    Thx in advance

  3. Looking to switch from the competitor programming to masters programming. Anything special I need to do?

  4. Thumb injury so have been off the bar last few weeks.

    Today – sled pushes 144′ / 8 rounds /#225

    4 rounds RX of Outlaw condish range from 2:45-3min per, rested 2 min each round

  5. I know I’m a few days late, but just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this programing. Was starting to go crazy with out it, glad your back!

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