New Cycle & New Era

Hi kids, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, and I know there’s been a lot of questions and concerns about the future of the site. Let me try to quickly address things, and give you guys some info on where we’ll be going this season.

First things first… Yes, this site has taken a back seat for a little while. It became very difficult for me to maintain and be consistent with, around the beginning of the Open. There were multiple external factors for this, but the main one was moving and finding a new space for Outlaw CrossFit. I spent all of February searching for a space that would not only give us the ability to grow, but would also allow for the kind of gym I’d always wanted. The good news is that I found exactly that kind of space. The bad news is that it housed a church before us (fully carpeted and featuring a stage that weighed about 10,000#), and if we wanted to move in quickly I’d have to do the work myself. Luckily my High School and College summer job was demolition. Unluckily demolition and construction involve more than just breaking things – which I’m very good at btw – and the demo + buildout took me almost a month of 12 hour days. The finished product is amazing IMO, and feels like the gym I’ve always dreamed of.


My soul, however, pretty much died during that month.

Between trying to raise my son, prep 200+ Wodfollowers for the Open/Regionals/Masters Qualifier, and sleeping, I admittedly missed some things. I apologize for that to those of you who have followed this site, and have trusted me with a large portion of your efforts. To tell you the truth, I had no idea that our Competitor and Masters programs on Wodfollow would take off like they did. Especially the Masters, which was started around the beginning of the year, and saw NINE athletes qualify for the Games in Carson. Both programs were started because I needed an easier way to communicate with our rostered athletes, and it provided tracking and communication that google docs didn’t – at least I’m too stupid to figure out how google docs could. That tracking and communication is one of things I was most unhappy with about this site, and is something we are looking to change. I honestly have/had not a f**king clue how many people are actually following this site, have no way to communicate with them (other than a post like this), and have no way to track anything because no one ever posts. I have found out, in the last week, there are still a large number of you following, and I want to fulfill the promise I made years ago to always provide free programming on this site.

So what’s next… Beginning next week you will have two ways to find and follow TOW: 1) Right here on the site, as always, and posted the day/night before like it has been for the last almost five years. 2) A free Wodfollow template, featuring the same work that is posted here. Monday’s post (Sunday night) will explain the details of how to sign up for this template. It is my STRONG suggestion that everyone utilizes this resource; if for nothing else because it will be a free tracking software and will allow me to be able to communicate with the athletes whenever is necessary. Yes, I will still write blogs, but I will be using the Wodfollow system to track data and communicate more regularly. Not to mention, why the hell wouldn’t you sign up for it?

This leads to a couple of questions about the difference in the free and paid Wodfollow/TOW programs, what will the programs of each look like. Well, I will make no bones about it, the paid Wodfollow programs (Competitor and Masters) are way better. They are comprehensive, they include weakness tracks which address the needs of each individual athlete, they will – beginning next week – address specific warmup/prehab/joint integrity issues, and we are about to start a new off-season cycle which features a completely new track focused on improving rep-rate and the overall cycle speed of the athlete – which IMO is currently the biggest discrepancy between Games-caliber and Regional-caliber athletes. Yes, I would encourage all of you to sign up for it, but I am also realistic and understand that some people simply can’t afford it. Taking that into consideration, for the first time since our Competitor template went live last year, the programming on TOW and the free Wodfollow template, will feature the same structure and share the same waves/loading as our Competitor program. No, it won’t be the same as the paid program, but it will share the same DNA and principles.

This is the new-era of TOW, and a new era for me personally as a coach. I began this site in September of 2011 with one goal: to prove and test programming on as large a group as possible. We are now in a place to do that on a much larger scale than I ever imagined, and have the tools to track and follow along with everyone who is following the program. More details are coming Monday, stay tuned.

As always, win everything.

15 thoughts on “New Cycle & New Era

  1. Hell yea man! Sorry to hear things were such chaos but I’m stoked to see the new program more than you would believe!

  2. New gym looks great Rudy. Huge improvement over the 2010 one!

    Looking forward to Outlawing again.

  3. Your new space looks beautiful! Congratulations! Looking forward to continue following you. Love your humor and the coaching?

  4. Hey coach, first congrats on the new space. A) i have followed TOW as my box’s programming for almost two years now. How practical would it be to implement the competitors programming for a general class that’s an hour?

  5. Old guy … goin’ to DAH GAMES in the 60 plus category …. too late this year to get yer magic … but let’s talk about goin’ forward into 2017 ’cause I wanna WIN this friggin’ thing … What is my NEXT step?

  6. Rudy that’s awesome. Been weightlifting only but followed CF for about 2 years then TOWBB for 6 months, and my wife went to your seminar. I even met and still talk to Cheek from back when we both followed. You always deliver a solid product, congrats on the new facility.


  7. YEAH! Great news! Keep up the spirit!

    You are followed even overseas – best regards from Lithuania!

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