WOD 160418:


1) 5X5 T&G Power Snatch – work to a 5rm, rest 2:00

2) 1XME T&G Power Snatches @ 90% of #1


1X10, 1X20 Back Squat – push weight on 20 to a 20rm – rest 3:00+ between sets

Here’s a calculator to help guess at percentages: http://www.kalanen.fi/maxrepcalculator/


7 rounds of:

12 Cals Assault Bike
2 Rope Climbs 15′
6 Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 155/105#

Rest 1:1

6 thoughts on “160418

  1. Hey guys, 5 year site follower. I was just wondering if we could get the workouts in a weekly post, much like the OL
    Barbell program is done? I’ve noticed
    that lately I’m not getting them until too late, if at all. Know you guys are busy!! Thanks for the consideration in

  2. Same^ I have just stared a week behind now and write the workouts down in advance which has helped

    • Yea I definitely notice the drop off around the open. I hate to even sound the slightest bit like I’m complaining Bc I know the programming is free. Been following for 4 years and couldn’t be more grateful for all the content. Is it Bc everything has moved to wod follow? Anyways love the site and program. Thanks for anything that can be done.

      • Whats wod follow? Is outlaw on there? But same boat. Cant complain about free awesome programming. “Dont bite the hand that feeds you” Like I said I just ran it back a few weeks and am starting behind if that helps.

        • They put their competitors template on a website called wodfollow.com, really not sure how it all works just grazed over it. I’m such an outlaw junky tho, I have flirted with other program before but it’s all short lived. The structure of the site and the work just seems to be something that makes a lot of sense to me. Anyways I saw its 49$ for theoutlawway stuff, idk if I’m ready to pay yet, seems to me that’s the way things are going tho.

          • Interesting, I’ll give it a look. Somewhat surprised people are charging when there is so much free stuff available. Especially with this blog going years back, there is always something to choose from. Really wish they would bring back connectivity though.

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