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  2. M/42/5’10″/170

    6 rounds – 156 reps

    Top scores at my box so far this morning have all been masters athletes in the 140-170 rep range. I expect our top athlete to end up somewhere around 200 reps.

    Come out of the gate sloooooow. Don’t be tempted to match the newbie next to you. Watch everyone else fly by you and blow up by round 2 or 3. Steady as she goes.

    I went step back burpees all the way. This is maybe the best tip I’ve heard in several crossfit years. I did singles on C2B from the beginning, and they were strong and steady throughout. About half way through I started thinking about breaking the lunges. But I focused on a strong lockout and steady movement, and went unbroken all the way. If you take the lunges too slowly, it’ll kill you. Move with purpose and get to the burpess/C2B.

    Marking your steps on the lunges is a good idea, but be ready for those marks to look really long after the first few rounds. Be prepared to adjust. It’s a grinder, but it’s not really too bad at all.

    Good luck Outlaws.

  3. BBG
    9rds + 10
    244 reps
    Tried to pace for 12 rds which was a huge mistake and screwed with me mentally when I fell off that pace. 10 and change is a more realistic goal when I repeat on Sunday.

  4. 16.1
    186 rep 7 rounds and 6m

    First round in 1:50 way too fast for me, my usual fault….always go out too hard, and yes I saw you video and it all about paceing ?? think I do a retrie on Sunday or Monday and try to hit over 200 ??

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