WOD 151225:


Every 1:30 for 9:00 (7 total sets)-

1 Power Clean & Push Jerk – begin around 75% of max PC&PJ and work to a max single for the day


1a) 5X2 Power Jerk + 1 Jerk Grip OHS – work to max for the complex, rest 2:00

1b) 5X5 Good Mornings – work to a heavy load but concentrate on keeping straight back and pushing hips back, rest 2:00



9-7-5 of:

Snatch 135/95#

For time.

This is my Christmas gift to you guys. IMO this is the greatest CF workout ever written. It is a tribute to an athlete who died well before her time, and impacted my life/career in a way that no one else has. There is a likelihood that she was/is the primary reason that this program exists today. Hopefully this doesn’t come off as sappy; but take a second to think about what this workout means before you do it – especially on Christmas Day.

…And if you PR, give a little wave to the sky to thank the redhead it was written for.

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