When we teamed up with wodfollow.com for the Outlaw Way Competitor Program, we asked Chris to try to create a way where we could finally put together a comprehensive library of coaching videos for our subscribers, and for those coaches/athletes who are looking for help. After a lot of research and trial and error, Chris figured it out. We are in the process of uploading about 10 hours of videos on top of what we got done today, but The Outlaw Way Education Library is officially live.

It will always be free for those who are already subscribed to the competitor template, but… If you aren’t a competitor template subscriber, and only want access to the educational library, for the remainder of December access will only be $10 a month (that rate will be locked in forever for December subscribers).

Here’s some of the things that are already up, and that will be coming:

-The complete series of programming and template construction lectures – shot in HD – from the 2014 Training Camp lectures, which have never been publicly available.
-Forty plus Coach’s Eye athlete analysis and instruction videos featuring corrections for multiple Games athletes, and descriptions so coaches and athletes can sort for specific corrections to issues they or their athletes may be having.
-New weekly additions to the library focusing on the most common issues we’ve seen coaching everyone from the 5,000 athletes we’ve seen at training camps, to our Games athletes and national meet winning lifters.
-Interviews and video blogs with our most successful athletes, discussing topics and giving tips that have helped them develop in the sport.
-Whatever topics our subscribers want us to address. Seriously, we want to know what you guys want to see and will try to address as many requests as possible.

CLICK THE BUTTON to get access to The Outlaw Way Education Library.

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Yes, I said I’d recap the AO today, but then I had to finish that ^^^^^^^^^^. Friday, I promise…

WOD 151209:


Every 1:30 for 9:00 (7 total sets)-

3 T&G Power Snatches @ 80% of max triple


1a) 5X3@80% Paused Front Squats (3 count pause in bottom, no bounce to stand) – rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X45 seconds Ring Lockout Holds (hold lockout at finish position of dip) – rest 90 sec.


3 rounds for time of:

14 Hang Clean & Thrusters 135/95#
21 C2B Pull-ups

6 thoughts on “151209

  1. NorCal
    BBG: 170
    Strength: 1a) 320
    1b) :45 / :45 / :40 / :35
    Conditioning: 10:02 – rough day, went through the motions, won nothing!

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