If you’ve thought about signing up for The Outlaw Way Competitor Program on wodfollow, now may be the time. We just finished the first wave of testing our weakness  specific tracks, and are moving into the final phase of prep for the 2016 Open. To help you with the decision, we’re running a huge introductory offer. Use the code “Outlaw50” when you sign up, and get 50% off your first month, from now until the end of November.

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WOD 151121:


1) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


EMOM for 10:00-

3 Back Squats – begin around 70% and work to a heavy triple for the day, with no misses


5 rounds for time of:

25-calorie row
16 chest-to-bar pull-ups
9 strict deficit handstand push-ups (4.5″ men/3″ women)

Time cap: 16 minutes

7 thoughts on “151121

  1. Question for you guys doing the comp programming. How much time are you guys spending training each day. I would love to jump on board but just getting the programming on this site is tough due to time.

    • I’d say 2-2:30 hours. Depends how much time you spend warming up and mobilizing. Its usually 3 hours for me.

    • About 3 hrs for me too (would be more if you are doing the capacity focus work), but I feel like a completely different athlete now. The program will obviously test you physically, but it will also train your mental ability to push through pain and pieces that before you thought you could never get through. Been on it since day 1 and wouldn’t trade the constant soreness for anything!

  2. I’m behind here on the programming but what’s a good sub for 25c row? I don’t have access to a rower right now.

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