This is one of the more thought provoking things I’ve seen recently. The average Weightlifting total for this group would be 290kg @ (a very light) 94kg for men, and 177kg @ (an extremely light) 69kg for women. Here are a couple thoughts that I had…

-If traditional CF scaling from men to women is 70% load, something doesn’t add up. 177kg is right around 61% of 290kg. 70% would be a 203kg total; which would all but guarantee a podium at any national meet, and be close to qualifying for an international team. The average women’s bodyweight in this group is also around 72% of the average men’s bodyweight.

-Does that mean women’s weights should be lowered to 61% on workouts? Nope. Women typically can operate at a higher percentage of their 1RM for longer than men (Google studies on this if you’d like proof, or just trust me). Which is why – when scaled to 70% – women’s times/reps are usually equal to men’s, but when weights are reduced to the 60% range; the ladies dominate. 13.1 would be the best example of this. With scaled loads at about 60%, the top women’s score was 211 reps, and top men’s just 199. Twenty women scored 200 or more reps. Blowout.

-A 13% increase on a total is massive. MASSIVE. That’s what happened to the women’s field. With the absence of Camille from the top-ten, and her near international level lifts, this is shocking to me. This is roughly a 20kg increase on the top-ten women’s totals. With roughly 12kg of that increase coming in the Snatch alone. This tells me one of two things happened: 1) the programming favored those who Snatch well (which I don’t believe with Camille, Ence, Wells, and Akinwale all outside of the top ten)… Or, 2) the entire field got way better at Snatching.

-The deadlift is, well… Not a very good test of anything in this sport.


WOD 151030:


Every 2:00 for 8:00-

4 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks – begin around 70% of max PC&PJ and work to a 4RM for the day


1) 4X1 Strict Press + 3 Push Press – work to max for the complex, rest 2:00

2) 1X2 Strict Press + ME Push Press – use heaviest load from #1


30:00 AMRAP (at a conversational pace or HR @ 150 BPM) of:

50′ HS Walk
50 OHS 45/35#
400M Run

6 thoughts on “151030

  1. BBG
    185/195/205/215/225. Failed last jerk.

    1. 145-175
    2. 175×8

    4rds + 25 ohs. No Monitor just kept conversational.

  2. 29/180/NorCal
    IG @realadamkubo


    Strength Later

    3 rds + 30 OHS
    Avg HR 145
    In zone for 24:00
    Max HR 155

  3. 30/165/ NorCal
    1. 135-155-175-185-200

    1. 100-110-120-130
    2. 2 + 12

    3 + 50′ + 37 OHS

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