My 8 year-old daughter, Nona, and I, made a deal a year ago. After watching her Snatch a PVC with technique better than 95% of the people I’ve seen lift, I asked her if she wanted to start lifting. She said she would start, when I got her a pair of Weightlifting shoes. Nike WL recently started making Romaleos in size 2.5, and I picked up a pair from them when I was in St. Louis for USAW Regionals.

Nona has tried multiple sports over the last few years, but hasn’t really latched on to any. Her sister, Sage, is a 6 year-old mini-soccer star. She scored 11 goals in a pee-wee game, and Nona seemed to be content to turn the ball sports over to her speedy little sister.

When I showed Nona her Romaleos she put them on immediately, and didn’t want to take them off. Those and her “lifting socks” are the only articles of clothing I’ve ever seen her put away. Something about lacing them up made her feel like a weightlifter. Within the first week of training, after hearing others talk, she was asking when she could lift in a meet, and was constantly asking if she’d just hit a PR.

Her technique is mindblowing. Not because it’s perfect, but because I’m not really doing anything to “coach” her. I’ve taught her how to start lifts, and to stand with the bar overhead until I say down, but that’s about it. Everything else has no explanation other than osmosis. See, Outlaw CF (then CF Alexandria) opened for business in July of 2007. She had just turned one, and since has spent a large majority of her life hanging on rings or pull-up bars, swinging around PVCs, and watching thousands of people lift.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at both how seriously she’s taking it, or how much of a natural she is – but, I am. Why? Because that’s my kid. My kid wanting to do the thing both her mother and I love, modeled for her, and have dedicated our lives to coaching. This weekend, thanks to the awesome Danny Lopez-Calleja of Team Soul, Nona will be lifting in the Mia Classic

She is psyched, and so am I; for what may be the best Father’s Day gift I could ever imagine.

WOD 150619:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


10:00 AMRAP of:

15 Power Snatches 75/55#
30 Double-Unders

16 thoughts on “150619

  1. Rudy,

    Thank you for sharing this; what a cool story and great moment for you!

    Happy Fathers Day to you and I hope she goes 6/6!

  2. BBG
    1) 210 (-20)
    2) 245 (-40)
    -nothing in the tank today

    Conditioning later

  3. Rudy, too cool about your daughter! Sounds like she is on the right track on the platform and has some pretty baller parents to help her meet her highest potential.

    On the other hand….lifting was disgraceful today.
    1) 175(-25)
    2) 225(-30)

  4. BBG

    1)170/180/190/200/210/220X/220 (-10lbs)
    2)225/240/250/260/270/285 hit clean,missed jerk (5lb PR on Clean)

    6Rds + 13 Reps Rx’d
    Snatches felt good, Double Unders not Open season ready

  5. Bbg: 1) 205
    2) 265 – pr from the floor
    Conditioning: 8 min cap – 190 reps

  6. BBG
    1) 195
    2) 260
    Minimal warm up today so #s weren’t great.
    361 reps

    • Didn’t think there was too much difference than the open version. Maybe could’ve got a few more reps doing dubs after the 8th rd

  7. 1) Snatch complex(1 snatch pull-1power snatch-1 squat snatch)
    Up to 200#
    2) Jerk recoveries
    Up to 415#
    3) Power clean
    Up to 315#
    4) Good mornings

  8. M/28/5’6″/185

    Jun 19, 2015, 3:00 PM — Outlaw — BBG
    1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.
    (135, 155, 170, 185, 200, 210, 220, 230(f x3) (-5))

    2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.
    (185, 205, 225, 245 (-20))

    10:00 AMRAP of: (285 – 6 rounds + 15 PS)
    15 Power Snatches 75/55#
    30 Double-Unders — 285

  9. BBG
    1) 245
    2) 285 – 300(ox) – 300(ox)

    6 + 2 (+7 from 14.1) — Focused on keeping a steady pace. Probably broke the snatches too much; 5/6 DUs UB.

  10. M/49/155
    Snatch 175
    Clean and jerk 215

    Conditioning: granite games qualifier 15.1: 9 rounds even.

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