So much fun in Moncton. Fact: Canadians will chirp anyone about anything – which makes them awesome.


WOD 150615:


3 Position Snatch Double (2 reps from each position – power position, hang, floor) – 1×1@60%, 1×1@65%, 2×1@70%


1a) 5X2 Pull-ups + 3 C2B Pull-ups + 4 Bar Muscle-Ups – rest 2:00

1b) 4X5 + 1XME Back Squats – work to a true 5rm, then 1 ME UB set @ 90% of 5rm, rest 2:00


3 rounds for time of:

100′ Handstand Walk
30 KB Swings 32/24kg
15 KB OHS (hold in either hand) 32/24kg

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  1. BBG
    1) 140, 155, 170 x 2

    1a) all UB
    1b) 295, 315, 335, 370 (4/5)
    7 @ 330
    -370# was last 1RM, so I’ll take 370# for a 4RM

    Conditioning later

    • Conditioning
      16:52 Rx
      -HS walks in 25′ sections
      – 23L/22R for the OHS, gave the weak arm the extra rep

  2. Got to workout at outlaw Crossfit today! So humid here!

    1: 165, 175, 190, 190
    2: later
    3: later
    4: 13:26RX 🙁 hands were so wet from sweat. Hard to walk on outlaws wood platforms with soaking hands lol

  3. Peter Foster
    32/M/178#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    Off of 220 and no misses

    1a) all UB and good transitions
    1b) 255/275/295/315#(3/5) 7@270#… been working with a chiropractor to get my messed up back/neck/hips all aligned. Trying to build my strength back up now that all my muscles are firing in the right order and the over compensations are going away.

    12:27… walks were 50′ down and back (2 rds UB). KBS were done in sets of 8 & 7’s. KB OHS all UB.

      • Plan was to go right, left, right but ended up going all right because my shoulders were smoked and if I used my “weak” arm I would be there for awhile. I know this is a weakness so after the metcon I did some work on using my left arm to do KB OHS at 24kg.

        As a side note, my imbalance in stability in arms/shoulders is a symptom of my neck/back alignment so all this chiro work is helping me to feel more equal and stable.

  4. Bbg: off 215
    Strength: 1a) 2MU on all rounds except 1MU on last
    1b) 275 , -25lbs but dealing with some hip paid,+1@250×6
    Conditioning: subbed 30 sec HSH for HSW – 9:24

  5. BBG:
    1) Off of 195, no misses, all power

    1a) Done all UB

    1a) This is so frustrating, I see all your numbers I’m over here doing 245 (265×3)…..I was doing 245 for 10…..it could be because I lost a lot of strength from my half iron man? I don’t know but whatever the case is it pisses me off that I just don’t feel strong squating.

    Conditioning: Different

    • That Ironman caused you to miss out some of the program, am I right? It only takes a week for your muscles to get deconditioned from whatever kind of training you were doing. That coupled with a grueling endurance test is not the best cocktail for building strength. Just stick with it, it will come back. You touched the barbell today, that’s a positive, focus on that. None of us did a half ironman, so you have that on us.

      • Preach Randall…. +1!

        If everyone walked into the gym and got better every single day then I bet you more people would be in the gym (i.e. getting better is FUN!). But, we all know that this isn’t the case and what separates the good from the greats is how they handle those “speed bumps”! The mental game is so huge when you look at the macro training picture and when the going gets tough, just keep pounding! Training for your Ironman may have taken some of your squatting strength, but I bet it helped in some other area of your physical ability (silver lining?).

        Keep being awesome!

    • Randall and Peter said it all! Don’t sweat the small stuff man, just take everything in stride. I’ve been having some of the same feelings because I’ve been missing a lot of workouts lately. You will get back to where you were!

  6. Domonic Ernesti
    IG: @mrernestiempire

    BBG: Off 245 (145,160,2×170) -No misses and felt really easy surprisingly.

    S/S: 1a) UB, UB through 2/4 MU for sets 2,3,4, then UB through 1 MU for last set
    1b) 275, 295, 315, 325(oooox) + 5(failed6) @ 285

    Cond: DND

  7. BBG
    Off 215 had one miss in there somewhere
    1a) done ub
    1b) up to 340 7@305
    HSW in 50′ sections was able to do the first set 100′ ub without coming down at turnaround. Put me way ahead of the game on this one.
    All ohs in right and too lazy to switch.

  8. Stayed light since I competed saturday

    Off 215

    Done UB
    Up to 295

    Conditioning different

  9. M/38/5’6″/185

    Jun 15, 2015, 4:30 PM — Outlaw — BBG
    3 Position Snatch Double (2 reps from each position – power position, hang, floor)
    1×1@60% (135)
    1×1@65% (145)
    2×1@70% (160)

    1a) 5X2 Pull-ups + 3 C2B Pull-ups + 4 Bar Muscle-Ups – rest 2:00
    (Done – no Bar MU – humid don’t want to rip hands)

    1b) 4X5 + 1XME Back Squats – work to a true 5rm, then 1 ME UB set @ 90% of 5rm, rest 2:00
    (225, 255, 295, 315, 285 x 8 reps) (hot as hell today)

    3 rounds for time of: (13:38)
    100′ Handstand Walk (50′ segments)
    30 KB Swings 32/24kg (1:15-15, 2:15-8-7, 3: 3×10)
    15 KB OHS (hold in either hand) 32/24kg (I used 40# DB) (Alt 5 each arm) — 13:38

  10. BBG
    155 – 165 – 180 – 180(4)
    *Miss on second set @ 70% was a total loss of concentration; shouldn’t have happened.

    1a) Done — broke after C2B to focus on bMU more.
    1b) 275 – 315 – 330 – 345(2) – DND(class)


    HSW: 25′ sections; 10/12 UB, but too much rest between
    KBS: 3 x 10, 5×6, 5×6
    OHS: 8/7(r/l) – 8/7 – 9/6

  11. BBG
    1) off 230, no misses
    1A) 2 strict + 3 strict C2B + 4 UB Ring Muscle ups
    1B) 285/300/315/330(+5lbs), 295 x 7 reps

    11:49 with 24kg bell, HSW in ub 50 foot lengths

  12. Snatches 135/145/155
    Complex-c2b mu transition was messy. Failed the mus entirely after set 4 of squats
    Back squat 315/345/374/4×400
    Con 18:26, after the first round, hs walk were done in 10′ sections. Surprisingly ohs were easy part

  13. M/49/155
    Sunday evening:
    4×5+1ME90% incline press: 44-54-59-62-56×10
    4×5+1ME90% back squats (done on sunday evening)
    4 wide arm plank hold 30s
    4×5 good morning 64-66-69-69

    Monday evening:
    Connectivity: 5 rounds
    2 pull ups+3 c2b + 4 bmu
    4 jump to hs on 20inch box
    10 hop up to 65# plate

    3 pos snatch doubles: 114-124-133-133 no misses
    Hang snatch:

    hsw in 4x25ft sections
    kb swings rx: 12/10/8; 8/8/6/6; 6/6/6/4/5/5
    kb ohs scaled to 24kg. Could not get the 32kg kb overhead with one hand. All ohs ub.

  14. WOD 150615:

    BBG: 135-145-155-165. This is more than Rx, should be off 210#, but these feel really smooth


    1a) done UB, smooth

    1b) up to 285 (4) then 250×8. I have done all I can to increase squat, terribly weak I feel. I chalk it up to long distance running up until about 4 years ago. For me, this was a big lift, my 1 RM was 280 just about three months

    Conditioning: done with 24 kg. Didn’t start the timer like an idiot. Not upset about it though, now having to endure 113 degree Phoenix heat working out of garage. It’s going to be a long 3 months…

  15. BBG

    1a) done
    1b) 175,195,215,235(pr),210-4(legs were gone at this point)


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