We’re Backkkk Sorry for my hiatus folks, I started a “non-exercise” job and we decided to focus on regionals prep for Team Outlaw and myself. I’m looking way more forward to contributing 30 muscle-ups to Team Balance than I am for those 30 miserable wall balls, but maybe that’s just me. I’m looking forward to watching my partner in crime, Nicole Capurso, put her performance in last year’s handstand walk event to shame even more.

We’re starting a new 12 week cycle today. It’s been a full year since we launched Connectivity and last time around we tried to make decisions based on expectations in the Open and Regionals Workouts. After a year of doing camp with Rudy and a few seminars on my own the choice was made to expand our repretoire of exercises. Also, the same old stuff time and time again get’s boring.

4×0:20 Box Shoulder Stretch (some things won’t ever change)
3×8 PVC Raises with narrow grip

Shaping Drills
3×40′ Arch to Hollow Rolls across floor*
*You need to initiate the turn with your feet first, and stay completely tight in order to travel in a straight line. If you begin to roll crooked if means that you form is breaking down and you are loose.

Handstand Work
2x 0:20 Handstand Hold, 0:20 Shoulder Shrugs, 0:20 HS Weight Shift

Skills and Drills
With a partner holding your ankles away from the wall, 2×20 Handstand Shoulder Taps

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