Why wouldn’t you hit the second biggest Snatch of your life, after walking around on your hands for a few minutes?

I remember when I used to believe there was rules to strength and conditioning.

Need feedback from you guys again – Event 6.

WOD 150508:


1) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Event 6-

5 rounds for time of:

25-calorie row
16 chest-to-bar pull-ups
9 strict deficit handstand push-ups (4.5″ men/3″ women)

Time cap: 16 minutes

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  1. BBG
    1) 155, 165, 185, 200f x 4!, 205, 215x, 210
    2) 185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 275 ox
    -starting to really hate Fridays now. WTF, I guess my body doesn’t know how to go for 1RM on snatch

    Conditioning later

    • Conditioning
      4 rounds + 25 cal
      -Not much to add. I suck at HSPUs & rowing, which are the meat of the workout, so if you’re good at both of those you should be fine. Went UB on C2B through the 1st 2 rounds then 8/8 the rest. HSPUs were 5/4 or 3 x 3 depending on how I felt.

  2. BBG
    1) 205
    2) 270
    4rds @ the cap.
    Notes- :55-:60 per row 8-4-4 on the c2b. This one all comes down to the HSPUs. Iam not very good at strict ones let alone with a 4.5″ deficit. The athletes that can do these UB or in two fast sets will crush this one. It was a lot less misserable than the HSPU wod at regionals last year.

  3. At 5:30am. Already texted Rudy but for anyone else who needs input.
    For me, I knew I had to go UB on HSPU so the workout came down to keeping c2b to two sets. If I did one set UB I figured I’d blow up. In comp at regionals I’d try to at least do the first and last set of c2b UB.


    1:02-1:05 on rows
    9+7 on c2b
    UB HSPU. I am good with HSPU workouts.
    My biceps blew up pretty from row/c2b combo.
    Not sure if it was just b/c of early morning and no warmup besides maxing snatch beforehand.

  4. M/28/5’6″/185

    May 8, 2015, 9:00 AM — Outlaw — BBG
    1) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Snatch.
    (135, 155, 170, 185, 200, 210, 220)

    2) 15:00 to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.
    (155, 185, 205, 225, 245)
    *no jerk – ankle still tender from sprain on Wednesday.

    Event 6- (capped – 4 rounds + 10 cal -210 reps)
    5 rounds for time of:
    25-calorie row (all between 1:10-1:20)
    16 chest-to-bar pull-ups (1: UB, 2: 8+8, 3: 8+4+4, 4: 4×4)
    9 strict deficit handstand push-ups (4.5″ men/3″ women) (1-2: 3×3, 3-4: 4+3+2)

    Time cap: 16 minutes — 210

    I’m pretty short so rowing sucks for me but I paced the first 3 rounds similar to 15.5 and felt pretty good.
    C2B – I had to break these up so if you can go UB this will leave you more time for the HSPU.
    HSPU – I did 3×3 for the first 2 rounds to save my shoulders for the later rounds into order to to bigger chunks to make up time and that worked out pretty well.

  5. BBG

    1) 250x 255 260x
    2) 295 305 325x missed jerk
    (On a good note, 4th week approaching Friday as a WL meet and 4th week hitting National qualifying total @77kg)

    Conditioning 15:53
    If you’re a taller athlete don’t chase. You will get crushed in the last few seconds on the HSPU no matter how strong you are. Focus on relaxing through the row and stay smooth for C2B. If that mean 2 sets each round do it. I did all UB sets through Rd. 3 and the C2B all UB. 4th set of HSPU lit up my triceps and shoulders.

  6. Did the conditioning first.
    Event 6: 16 min time cap:
    5 rounds of:
    25 cal row
    16 c2b pull ups
    9 deficit strict hspu (I did kipping)
    Total: 2 rounds + 25 cal + 16 c2b + 4 hspu. Middline is completely broken from the ghd sit ups. So couldn’t kip properly. Body hasn’t been this sore in a long time.
    About an 1hour later (after coaching class)Bbg:
    1. Snatch 1rm: 40-45-50-55-60-65-70kg(failed the 70kg, just could get under it, the 65 felt solid)
    2. Clean and jerk 1rm: 60-70-75-80-85-90-95kg(failed the 95kg, got under nice and quick and just got stuck in the bottom of squat.) Happy with that considering how I’m feeling.
    I have a question to all you guys. What are your veiws on using pre and post work out drinks, and other supplemints to aid in recovery and strength gains? I’ve just been using whey protein and omega 3 and mulit vit and trying to eat right. Feel I need something more.

  7. BBG:
    1) 205 – 215 – 225 – 235 – 245(x) – 255(xxx) – 245(x)
    2) 225 – 255 – 275 – 295(x) – 295(x)
    ***Had nothing today; the multiple attempts at 255 was dumb.

    3 + 31 — Went into it planning to go 4×4 on the C2B and 3×3 on HSPU; that lasted about 1 round then went to crap.

  8. Snatch 200 (-25) tried the Wes Kitts method from here. Failed 210, failed 220, attempted a 5# PR at 230…and failed. Apparently I’m not that cool lol
    Cj 290(-10) failed 305
    Con 20:50
    Would’ve had about 4 rounds if I capped it at 16min

  9. Domonic Ernesti
    IG: @mrernestiempire

    Done f*cked myself up today. Was working up my 1RM snatch, had 215 overhead and in the squat. Started losing it behind me but made the dumbass decision to try and hang on until last minute and maybe save it. Unfortunately last minute came faster than expected and when I went to bail out I was already falling on my ass. All 215 of it came down on my back while I landed on my ass. Can’t believe I was that dumb, and very disappointed with myself. Thankfully no serious injury, just the wind knocked out of me and a nasty bruise on my back, oh and my left ass cheek is still numb. Lesson learned.

  10. Combined 2, missed yesterday

    1) 225, smooth-felt easy, 245 missed-threw behind felt really good/245 missed in front. 250
    2) 295, 315caused missed in front just a little, felt solid.

    Emomx10- 1 power snatch, 185 across-smooth focused on footwork
    Emomx10- 1 PC, 225 across smooth focused on footwork

    Front Squat: 2×10: 245/265
    4xME M-U: 11/8/7/8, stopped just before failure 1-2 reps due to c2b in conditioning

    Conditioning: Event 6- 5 Rounds for time of. 4 rds + 7 Cal. Very conservative pace on this; went into it relatively crushed from additional lifts. Definitely finishable with solid time. Rows got faster throughout, finished in the 1:12 range/all c2b 8/8, all dshspu 5/4

    25-calorie row
    16 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    9 strict deficit handstand push-ups (4.5″ men)

    Time cap: 16 minutes

  11. BBG
    1) 175
    2) 225

    3 rounds at time cap (not all Rx)
    All rows at 1:05 – 1:06. I’m still not great at stringing together big sets of C2B so I did sets of 4 as fast as I could. HSPU were the killer for me. After the first round I had to kip the rest of the way. Took me a while to get through those sets of 9.

  12. BBG
    1) 165 (pr and BW for a milestone)
    2) 195 (pr)

    2 rounds 8HSPU with 3″ deficit

  13. I did the Regional event 6 on Sunday, but posting here as well.

    14.55, everything unbroken. Didn’t look at the time on the row, but I know I suck at rowing, and didn’t try to push that too much. Was between 850-1050 cal/hr I think.

    It really helps if you can use a really tight kip and mostly lats on the c2b and then stay super tight with elbows tucked in for the sdhspu.

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