Need some help from you guys today. Those of you who were 30th-3,000th in your region, I need you to post your “Tommy V” times to comments. Please try to include some comments on what stood out about the workout for you also… Pretty please?

Apparently, what Jared Fleming is “capable of”, is a 170kg/374# Snatch. I guess his definition of “letting loose” is a little different than mine.

WOD 150506:


1) EMOM for 10:00-

3 T&G Power Snatches – Begin at 60% and add weight each minute. If a miss occurs, drop 5# and try to complete the remainder of the 10:00 at that weight.

2) 2 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks – Begin at 60% and add weight each minute. If a miss occurs, drop 5# and try to complete the remainder of the 10:00 at that weight.


1a) 4X10 Front Squats – same load as last week but try to make each set AFAP, rest 2:00

1b) 4XME UB Muscle-Ups – rest 2:00


“Tommy V”

For time:

21 thrusters
12 rope climbs
15 thrusters
9 rope climbs
9 thrusters
6 rope climbs

M 115-lb. thrusters, 15-ft. rope
F 75-lb. thrusters, 15-ft. rope

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  1. BBG
    Later today
    1a) up to 245 :48
    1b) 5-7-7-5 grip was on fire today
    Comments- this was done at 6am so it was a bit intimidating. This workout was not bad at all. Tried to set it up like at regionals with bar across the floor from and a run to a finish mat at the end. Thrusters were not a problem at all even coming off the rope. The climbs just start taking a bit to do. Grip started to go about halfway through the 9s. Technique technique technique on the climbs will take you a long way. Get those knees to the chest and stand tall. Bigger athletes might stuggle a bit with the RCs. Like i said TECHNIQUE on the climbs. Hope this helps.

  2. BBG
    1)145, 155, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 205 (2/3), 205 (1/3), 205, 205
    -did an extra set here, camera shut off on the 10th minute. Did 9 reps @ 205# in 3-4 minute window, not too shabby seeing as I could barely get this once a few months ago
    2) 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195, 200
    -kept it light and focused on technique here, back felt a little funky after the jerks yesterday

    185 (17s)
    205 (17s)
    225 (21s)
    250 (27s)
    -3 seconds faster each set
    1b) 13, 11, 8, 8

    Conditioning later

    • Conditioning
      13:50 Rx

      -I’m a lighter guy so I wore my reebok WL/CF shoes for the thrusters. Thrusters were pretty easy, all UB. 1st 21 sucked, but 15 & 9 were just 30 and 20 second breaks for the rope climbs, no problem. Go faster than you think on the RCs, I took 10-15 seconds in the set of 12, this was probably too much. Halfway through the 9, I took it down to 5-10 second breaks and was fine. Hope this helps.

  3. snatches 135-185 then down to 180. had some pretty squat snatches on those last couple sets
    cj 180-250, managed to do the last 3 sets at 250
    squats 225-245, all 20 seconds
    mu’s 10/7/7/6
    con-something different. we only have one rope and its only 11′ tall. i might end up visiting another gym and doing tommy v on saturday

  4. BBG:
    1) 95 up to 155 (-10)
    2) 135 up to 205

    1a) 135(:27)/155(:31)/185(:41)/205(:50)
    *I look at my watch, unrack, do it, rerack then look at watch again for time
    1b) 5/5/5/5

    Conditioning: AMRAP6
    3 MUs
    6 Strict HSPU
    –4 rds

  5. For Time: 13:50
    1) 150-65-75-85-95-200-05-10-15-20
    2) 175-95-205-15-25-35-45-55-65×1-65×1

    1a) 245/18-255/23-265/20-275/25
    1b) 10s

    Conditioning 13:50
    Jump high and don’t rush. 2 pulls for guys each rep should do it, girls probably 3. When you start to rush you shorten your reach and end up 3-6″ away from the target, huge waste of energy. If you can keep it smooth and focus on breathing when on the ground 10:00 will be doable.

  6. I usually follow Hybrid but it hasn’t posted yet for today.


    1. Worked up to 185.
    2. Worked up to 235. I’m terrible at power movements. Getting better though.

    1a. 185, 205, 225, 245 (29s). Had more in the tank just underestimated my last set.
    No muscle ups hybrid had a lot of those yesterday

  7. 9:50

    UB Thrusters
    :10-:12 rest between every climb from the start. Jump high, big knee on second pull and reach

  8. BBG:
    1) 145 – 155 – 165 – 175 – 185 – 195 – 205 – 215(ox) – 215(x) – 205(x)
    2) DND

    1a) 185(:24) – 205(:24) – 225(:35) – 250(9 reps)
    1b) 8 – 5 – 6 – 5

    DND — Sorry, wanted to help, but my knees/shoulder were shot.

  9. BBG
    1)115,125,135,140,150,155,160,165, 170,175 -same

    1A)195/36 210/40. 220/42. 230/48
    1B) DND
    Did some sled work/midline work, hands are shot

  10. Cond – 11:09
    Disclaimer: I am 6’4″. One pull on the rope. Thrusters weren’t bad at all. Was gassed at the rope. Rested a bit too long I think but wanted to make sure I got it in one pull.

  11. M/28/5’6″/185
    1) EMOM for 10:00-
    3 T&G Power Snatches – Begin at 60% and add weight each minute. If a miss occurs, drop 5# and try to complete the remainder of the 10:00 at that weight.
    (145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190)

    2) 2 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks – Begin at 60% and add weight each minute. If a miss occurs, drop 5# and try to complete the remainder of the 10:00 at that weight.
    (170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205, 210, 215)

    1a) 4X10 Front Squats – same load as last week but try to make each set AFAP, rest 2:00
    (175 (:21), 205 (:24), 225 (:25), 235 (:34))

    1b) 4XME UB Muscle-Ups – rest 2:00
    (Not Performed to save arms)

    “Tommy V”
    For time: (19:28)
    21 thrusters
    12 rope climbs
    15 thrusters
    9 rope climbs
    9 thrusters
    6 rope climbs
    **I’m short and horrible at rope climb – technique will be the key and mine falls apart with fatigue….also doesn’t help when you turn your ankle on the rope during the last set
    M 115-lb. thrusters, 15-ft. rope
    F 75-lb. thrusters, 15-ft. rope — 19:28

  12. Conditioning: 16:00 with 2 climbs left. Can do climbs but not very quick at them. Focused on using legs and fully extending each time so I could pull less with the arm. jumped and 3 pulls to the top. Broke up thrusters but could have done UB – didn’t know how I’d feel on the rope.

  13. 20:05

    Thrusters were no problem at all, probably should have done them UB but I was feeling lazy. The first set of RC took waaaaay too damn long (almost 9 minutes) because I was resting too much. The next two sets of RC I shortened the rest to 20-30sec and it was fine, definitely could have made it shorter rest but that range felt good. Fun workout, that first set of RC looks like a damn mountain to climb, but once you are half way through it gets manageable.

  14. M/49/155

    Splitting this workout into 2 days.
    Connectivity: 3x: a. Ring cross pulls, tempo dips, L hold
    b. 20 HS shrugs
    c. 10 floor levers

    Barbell: emom 10: 2 tng PCPJ: 115-125-135-145-155-165-175-175-185-195
    The last 4 sets were not tng, however:

    10 FS for time. These were from the floor:

    ME muscle ups: 6-10-8-7
    Bailed on the first set when the straps got unwrapped and one wrapped around my leg and the other wrapped around my neck. I was not having any of that.

    More connectivity, Emom PS and Tommy V tomorrow.

    • m/49/155
      Strict HSPU: 5—5 w/2inch deficit — 2 w/ 4 inch deficit –2 w/ 4 inch deficit —
      Strict TTB: 10-10-10-10

      Barbell: emom 10: 3 tng PS

      Conditioning: Tommy V: 17:56
      Thrusters at 115 are not easy for me. 1st set was 7-5-5-4; 2nd set was 11-4 and 3rd set was all 9 UB.
      Rope climbs were a good 15s between each one. 2-3 pulls for each one.

      imho, it is the coming down from the rope that you can work on efficiency, speed, and not wasting energy.

  15. BBG
    1) 140+5 each round, ended at 185
    2) 205, 205, then added 5 each round ended at 245
    1a) 215×10 (28) 225×10 (30) 235×10 (35) 250×9+1 (1:05) I bitched out here and had to rerack
    1b) 2+6 until last round (2+4+2)
    14:04. I suck at the J hook method I had to use the S method, which is much less effective. Once I get knees to elbows down on the rope climbs I’m gonna attempt this again & hopefully get sub 11. Thrusters UB and easy.

  16. BBG:
    snatch: 28,5-31-33,5-36-38,5-41-43,5-45 (finally getting #3)-46-47,5 kg (miss#2 but this is also my 1rm power snatch)

    C&J: 43,5-46-48,5-51-53,5-56-58,5-61-62,5 kg (miss #2)
    The jerks were hard today.

    Front squat: 52,5-55-57,5-60 kg (25-27-26-29 sec)
    +2.5 kg from last week and still a bit faster.

    5 x 2 strict mu, 2 min rest

    4 x me kipping mu: 2-3-3-2.
    Working on lowering myself correctly into the kip. Rings often start to swing and which makes it very difficult to come back up. Need some technique cues on this.

    Our rope is sadly not long enough (approx. 3 meter). Did the workout anyway. Found the thrusters real hard, but they are also one of my major weaknesses.
    And forgot the time because a friend of mine arrived just as I finished and started talking and I forgot all about what time I finished. Would really like to do it again with the right rope height.

  17. Bbg: 1) 165
    2) 210
    Strength: 1a) 225
    1b) 3,3,3,3
    Conditioning: hockey tonight

  18. BBG
    135-145-165-175-185-185-195(squated3rd rep)-185-185-185
    185-205-215-225-225-235-235 – called it for this

    MU: 12-12-12-12
    185 – 15s
    225 – 18s
    265×5 – 10s
    Half way through 3rd set brain just shut off and lost my drive, work mentally exhausted me yesterday i guess.

    Tommy V – 11:26

    Did this Tuesday before lifting with a partner training for regionals. Yeah like everyone else says, being efficient as possible with each rope climb, big pulls and no time wasted getting down the rope fast. I spent too much time in between each rope climb, so being able to revolve them afap is key too, and thrusters of course have to be ub.

    • Conditioning instead of Tommy V again, i did:
      Chopped up version of Event 6
      5 Rounds –
      15 cals
      10 c2b
      5 4′ deficient strict hspu
      – 11:55 ( walked through it)

  19. Tommy V: 17:40 with a change into pants prior to final six rope climbs. Thrusters UB, I don’t think any regional athlete will have a problem with these. 21 Thrusters took about 45s, 15 30-35, and the final 9 15-20s.

    Rope climbs I think you just have to find a pace that allows your grip not to go. My goal was 2-3 climbs per minute. but the grip started going midway through the set of 9. My first 12 were done right around the 5:40 mark, but then slowed down a bit. On a good jump I was getting to the top with 2 pulls, but when I was fatiguing it was taking just a little more to get to the top. I personally wrap the rope around my leg, I don’t have the technique for the clamp method so I was suffering from some serious rope burn which is why I ended up throwing some pants on.

    • I ended up pulling my knee brace down to cover the shin and that worked out really well

  20. M/27/5’11″/175 NW Region

    1) Worked up to 145 lbs
    2) Worked up to 195 lbs

    1a) 135 (:25), 155 (:25), 175 (:27), 195 (:31)
    1b) 4, 6, 4, 4

    “Tommy V”
    19:21 Rx
    Easy to say now, but I could/should have done this faster. The thrusters weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. Not my strongest movement, so I broke each round into two sets with just a quick breather in between. Majority of my time was spent at the rope. I took way too long on the set of 12 climbs. Not sure what my average rest was in between climbs, but during that set of 12 I was cautious because I didn’t want to burn out. My arms did get pretty fatigued towards the end of the set of 9 and I noticed my footwork got really sloppy. My advice would be go a little quicker than you think at the start and only take longer rests if you need them later on in the workout. And, as most have said, focus on your technique, especially footwork, and that will save you the deeper you get.

  21. Did Tommy V today: 9:37 on my watch….my rope was 12ft, however no jump up and just pulled level to my head. All thrusters were UB and rope climbs took me 1 1/2 pulls to get to top (i’m 6’1)…..I don’t know any great tips or why I have the best time posted on here ha, but really just bust through thrusters and efficient on rope climbs. Grip was pretty gone by end. Pretty happy though because thrusters are one of my worst movements.

    ***Rudy please don’t have us do Event 3…..I beg you!!!

  22. ok so due to time restraints and body feeling broken I cut some stuff down a bit.
    5 min emom: p. snatches: 30-35-40-45-47.5 kg
    5 min emom: p clean and push jerk: 45-50-55-57.5-60 kg
    1a. 2x 10 front squat: 60-60 kg
    1b. Me ub muscle ups: 4-3 ( nothing left in shoulders )
    Cond: Tommy v (shorter version)
    21 thrusters 50 kg
    12 rope climbs ( shorter rope)
    15 thrusters 50 kg
    9 rope climbs
    Time: 12:30 min
    The thrusters for me are still tough, getting better but still gas me. The rope climbs are fine, just manage your rest period on them, don’t rush, get a nice big jump up and get the feet up as high as you can. Think we will see some very fast times on this one.

  23. Conditioning:
    Had our advance team do it:
    Had two boys pull 9.15 and 9.24 using a split of 7/7/7, 5/5/5 and 9 for the thrusters (even had a 19 sec pause) they climbed easily from there and just went up and down each round with min rest.
    Probably be a sub 8 min for most at regional (perhaps sub 10 min for the ladies) and that Can be made up from a slightly shorter brake on the thrusters and a little work on the decent of the rope climb.
    Grip after Randy may need a little thought as the forearms pump up a little!
    Good luck.

  24. BBG
    1) 95-140
    2) 110,120,130-165

    1a) 105-24,115-25,125-24,135-28
    1b) 11,7,10,12 (progressions stage 2)

    Subbed the same MU progressions for rope climbs. Forgot to write down the time.

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