1 thought on “150424

  1. I did Wednesday’s max out session today. Had some crazy work issues/stress this week so there was a severe lack of sleep and Wednesday was nonstop from 8:00am to 11:00pm so lifting wasn’t possible.

    1) Hit 235# which is a 15# PR.
    2) Made it to the double at 90% (305#) and then failed at 100% (335#). I decided to just call it without even trying another one. The one attempt felt way to heavy and I was already physically and mentally depleted.

    I’m at the point where squats are just upsetting (only added 30# to the squat in 2.5 years when in the same period my snatch has gone from 170# to 250# and my C&J went from 225# to 275#…). Not sure what to do about these.

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