5 thoughts on “150408

  1. PP done, 4×4@ 97kg missed last 2 of last set
    BS done, 4×4@ 170kg missed last rep of last set


  2. 1) Based on 220# – No misses.
    2) Based on 335# – Missed the last rep on the last set (first miss of the cycle). Every single rep at 90% was a grind. I tried doing the last rep again after a few minutes of rest but just got pinned to the ground. Gave it everything I had today so I’m still pleased with the effort. 305# (90%) was my last 3RM.

  3. Push press: off of 240: no misses. Tough but felt strong.
    Squats: off of 400: no misses. Felt like a boss!

  4. 1) Off 225 – 205 last set, failed the last rep of the last set.
    2) Off 335 – still box squatting because my ass work right and its killing my hips. Last set got a little spicy but got through all of it, no misses.

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