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  1. Shouldn’t it be 6×2 today not 6×6? I was told by Dave that every other workout would be 6×2 and we did 6×5 on Friday.

  2. Did the 6x6s today. Horrible. I’m assuming we’re modifying the russian squat template a bit?

  3. PP based on 225 (102kg) no misses.
    BS based on 440 (200kg) no misses.
    It was strange that today we had 6×6, don’t know if it’s a mistake, anyhow, was hard but doable!
    I included BB row 3×5 heavy

  4. Not sure what it’s supposed to be, so I did it as it’s written:

    Push press: off of 240: 120×5, 144 x5, 168 x5, 192 6×6

    Squats: off of 400: 200 x5, 240 x5, 280 x5, 320 6×6- never hit 320 for more than 5. That was cool

  5. 1) Based on 220# – No misses.
    2) Based on 335# – No misses.

    I did it at 6×6 as listed. That was rough. My legs aren’t going to be very functional tomorrow…

  6. I certainly hope it was 6×6 cause I got it done. Lots of grunting involved to power through it.

  7. Did as written, woof. After 15.5 on Friday my legs were still not overly happy yesterday.

    1) 115, 135, 160, 180 – missed the last rep of 180 on my final set. That was hard
    2) 165, 205, 235, 270 – Felt pretty good although I had a MAT session with our specialist before working out yesterday and she told me my left glute is pretty much not working…. so thats fun.

  8. Man I hope it’s 6×6 because that’s what I did. Had to back off 5# on the PP because my form was breaking down but I finished all the squats prescribed. Took me for ever though. That’s was a tough one.

    1) Based on 195# dropped back 10# after the second set. No misses
    2) Based on 390# no misses.

  9. Just rechecked dave’s email. he definitely wrote 6×6. that’s the worst of the week though.

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