4 thoughts on “150327

  1. Male Europe, 42 yrs old, 175cm, 78kg.
    Started program last week.
    Press based on 102kg (225lb) no misses.
    BS based on 200kg (440lb) no misses.

  2. 1) Based on 220# – No misses.
    2) Based on 335# – No misses.

    Those got tiring towards the end.

  3. 1) Hit everything no misses. 195#

    2) Missed the second rep on the first set. Took 10 off and was able to finish the reset of the sets. 390#

  4. push press: based off of 240, no misses
    squat: based off of 400, no misses. felt good to hit these for 5.

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