Outlaw Way – 15.5 Strategy & Tips:

WOD 150327:

1) Take 15:00 to work to a heavy but non-maximal Hang Snatch (from the power position).

2) Alternating EMOM for 10:00-

Row 7 Calories (all out)
7 Thrusters 95/65#

3) 15.5

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:

Row (calories)
Thrusters 95/65#

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  1. Thanks for all of the strategy and tips this year!

    On point as usual.

    I am jealous of that jean jacket tho! Looking smooth!

  2. 15.5: 8:20 rx. Not great at big thruster sets. Went 9/9/9, 7/7/4/3, 8/7, 9. Not much to say. Just hurts.

    24 / m / 200
    IG : essig14
    Mid atlantic

  3. is everyone else as surprised as me that there are no burpees in the open this year? not complaining. just surprised!

    • Shocked. Felt like Castro was giving a giant middle-finger to everyone who had spent the last 3 months doing 1000s of burpees. Definitely not sad about it, though this is still gonna suck…

      • i wouldve been thrilled to see the weight climb each set. we saw a strength wod and those cleans at 185 were decently heavy. but no wod this year incorporated ascending weight as previous opens have

    • Definitely surprised. “Kind of ” wish they were in there somewhere, seeing as how we’ve done thousands on thousands in preparation. I also felt like mine were on point too, but oh well. And apparently I’ve been rowing for cals all wrong, this was so much easier than how I’ve been rowing leading Up to this.

  4. Warm Up: 165, 180, 195, 210, 225

    15.5: 10:11 ~ just can’t seem to improve my thrusters. I’ll see you all in 3 months about to cut back conditioning for the first time in 3+ years of following TOW and work hard on getting my squat and overall strength up.

  5. hang snatch: 40-42,5-45,47,5-50 kg (pr)
    The bar felt really light today (in the snatch…)

    15.5: 10:02
    Was coughing non stop for halv an hour afterwards. My throat is not well yet. And I still hate thrusters.

  6. Couldn’t get someone to record me today, so i decided to incorporate some strength and do the wod for practice monday
    1. Hang snatch 215 PR. Took about 20 mins of snatching and a few misses
    2a) Tempo bench press 5×3 225#
    2b) Weighted pull ups w 40lb db between legs 4XME
    3) COND – 8:43RX Couldn’t drop the bar because i wasn’t able to use bumper plates. Went UB on thrusters until 15 i went 10/5. I need to take less rest between sets especially after thrusters. Goal is sub 8mins for monday.

  7. Peter Foster
    32/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    15.5 – 8:21and the suck is as advertised!!!!!

    I wanted sub 8 and I think going UB on the 27 thrusters may have did me in but my attitude was I’m not a regional guy (yet!!!!) so why not just go full retard on the thing. I had to go 15/6, 8/7, then 9 UB after the round of 27 but I’m not sure if I broke that if my time would have improved that much. I will tell you that I am much better with thrusters at volume compared to 14.5 last year…Thanks coach!!!!

    Looking forward to taking a legitimate run at regionals next year with another year of Rudy-bliss under my belt! Oh and I’m sure the local comp I’m in on Sunday will feel real good after this one.

  8. 1) 200#
    -been hitting this every Friday, I’m stoked. Feeling smooth
    2) done
    3) 8:16 Rx
    -can definitely get sub 8
    – can go UB but shoulder was bugging me in the front rack
    – 27 UB
    – 20/1 *stupid shoulder
    – 12/3
    – 9 UB
    – This definitely sucked, but not nearly as bad as I thought. Tuesday was way harder

  9. Domonic Ernesti (IG: @mrernestiempire)

    1) 195#

    2) Done

    3) “15.5” – 10:36
    This was a test run, same as previous weeks. Had to walk from the OLY platform across the weight area to the rower so transition was 10-15 seconds each. That will change come Monday’s redo. Thrusters went 18/9, 11/10, 10/5, 9. Row was good, did not strap the feet in like coach said. Tested during part 2 of today but it took too much time to get out of straps. Part way through 15 cal row the rower sounded like the chain was jumping on the sprocket so I had to do lighter pulls for the remainder and through the 9 cal. Hoping for sub 9:30 come Monday. Great job to everyone this year!

  10. 1) 210#

    2) Different

    3) 8:32 — Broke the thrusters a lot more than I had hoped (19/8 – 8/6/4/3 – 5/5/5 – 6/3). Basically a question of how deep if your pain cave, and how far into it are you willing to go. In awe of the guys going sub-6…

  11. 35/m/200lb
    Finally an open workout that I could leave it all on the table with. Frustrated with the programming as I’m not as good with the TTB / HSPU isolated movements. Work better with grinding it out / more meatheady stuff.
    Split 15/12, 12/9, 8/7, UB
    Kept row under control but right at the threshold line. Last 9 were painful and lactic acid buildup was bad!!! Good luck outlaws – this is the type of movements we have been busting out asses for.

  12. BBG
    1) Up to 175 (+10 lbs from last week)
    2) Done

    3) 15.5. 6:39 Rx’d
    Rows (59/56/36/23 seconds) with damper at 9
    Thrusters UB, smooth on 27/21, picked up speed on 15/9
    Workout is right in my wheelhouse, good times and stiff quads

  13. 15.5 – 7:18
    Only broke on the 21 thrusters 11/10
    My recommendation is if you know you can do 27 UB thrusters don’t pace the first row too slow. 1:15ish is not enough time on the rower to destroy your thrusters. Don’t look at the clock. It won’t make you go any faster. And like Rudy says, they’re not “Fran thrusters.” Be patient, breathe and don’t set it down for the first two sets, then go nuts after your 15th calorie.

  14. 1) 135
    2) just did 4 min
    3) 19:16 Rx, but not on a Concept 2. Had to wait about 30 seconds to a minute for the one working rower in my gym after the 27 thrusters.

  15. 15.5
    Took a fall over the last 2 weeks, gave it hell today. I might redo Monday depending on how I’m feeling.

  16. M/48/155
    First attempt at 15.5 today. 10:42
    Thrusters were 3 sets for the 27, 21, and 15 and 2 sets for the 9. Really fell apart on the 15cal row and 9 cal row. Next time I will dig deeper to get sub 10.

  17. 15.5
    UB on the the thrusters just very slow and methodical with them. Should of picked up the pace more on the row and thrusters in the 15s and 9s. Did this at about 8pm AZ time with our gyms Friday Night Lights which is about 10 hours later than I usually train and felt a little more tired going into the workout than I usually do. Looking forward to the redo on Monday to try and get a little closer to 7:00.

  18. BBG: up to 155#
    15.5: 8:30 holy fuck that hurt. Calling it one and done on that one. UB thrusters (mine are slow) and got about 1 calorie per stroke on the rower. Assumed the fetal position on the floor afterwards. Thanks for the great Open prep this year, Rudy! I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near that time last year.

  19. 7:42 rx
    Could have pushed fAster pace on the rower. I weigh 209 pounds so I just put it to 10. Don’t tAke too long on the rower. And yes not these aren’t fran thrusters. Breathe at the top of each one.

  20. Hang Snatch: 40 x2-45-50-55-60kg
    7 cal row and 3 thrusters on 43kg (2rounds)
    3 thrusters on 47kg

    Open work out 15.5: leg burn. Time: 13:10min (thruster just kill me)
    Yay open 2015 is done. Back to training. Good luck to all those that have qualified for regionals. Have fun. Got a team comp on the 11th and 12th April (fittest in Cape town) should be fun. Have a great weekend all. Thank you very much Rudi and the Outlaw team for all the programing and tips.

  21. Bbg up to 210 (+10)

    15.5 10:35
    Broke thrusters into two sets except for 9. Took way to long looking at the bar during the breaks.

  22. 15.5…7:32, UB on all thrusters. Will take it, seeing as how I hate rowing. 27 cals 1:04, 21 in 60s. awful stuff

  23. Snatch from power position
    165 felt solid
    My PR from floor is still only 175

    I paced the thrusters out way too much. I’m a decent rower just should have entered the pain cave on thrusters. Felt fine within a minute so I could have pushed way harder.

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