LOVED seeing all the First Muscle Up videos coming in this weekend! Congratulations to everyone who got up on the rings for the first time!

4×0:20 Box Shoulder Stretch

Handstand Work
4×0:20 on/0:20 Rest 30 Degree HS Hold

Skills and Drills
4×5 (or break however you need to in order to reach 20 total) Strict Handstand Push-ups with your stomach facing the wall.*

*My fingers are still crossed for strict handstand push-ups appearing in the open. If you’ve been following the site for a year now you’ve seen the efficiency method of HS Push-ups that we put out prior to last years Regionals where we advocated for breaking your lower back and turning the movement into an incline bench press as opposed to an inverted strict press. I’m going to call this “crossfitting” your way through the workout. While I still think its important to learn how to use your body to make movements more efficient if you’re under a time crunch, this will not make you any better at strict handstand push-ups. I still think its essential to preserve the integrity of the movement even if this means your maximum unbroken set is only a fraction of what you can perform with the “crossfit” method. For the same reason we do strict pull-ups, we should be doing strict handstand push-ups.