This is going to be a 6 week strength cycle. It can be done as a stand alone squat and press cycle 3 days a week Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The competition and accessory lifts will be on Tuesday and Saturday. For those athletes with a competition coming up in the next 6-8 weeks, I would suggest using the last weeks of the previous cycle to time your peak for the meet. For everyone else this cycle will give you a good strength base for the next full competition cycle.

1) Push press – 1×5@50%, 1×5@60%, 1×3@70%, 6×2@80%

2) Squat – 1×5@50%, 1×5@60%, 1×3@70%, 6×2@80%

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  1. I’m making the switch over from Crossfit in hopes to dial in technique and get stronger. I’d still like to get in some assistance work like strict pull ups, HSPU’s, GHR. Any suggestions on the best days to add that in without affecting recovery?

    • I can see my entire catalyst program so I know when to add, but in general you’ll be fine adding in extra work on Wednesday and Saturday since you have a day off following. I’ve been doing GHD’s just about every other day with my cycle.

      I’ll probably stick to my current program since it lines up with my next meet but I’ll be lurking and will throw my $0.02 in whenever possible.

  2. This looks like a Russian format with the 6 doubles @ 80% to start and 6 week duration. Question – on the push press – is that 80% 1 RM push press or strict press or jerk? I know what my 1 RM is for jerk but might have to find one or estimate for the others.

  3. 1) Based on 220# (estimated) – No misses.
    2) Based on 335# – No misses.

    Had to estimate the push press as I don’t remember the last time that was maxed. Hit a 200# 3RM a few months back so that was the basis. Used one of those online max calculators.

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