Outlaw Way – 15.3 Strategy and Tips:

WOD 150312:

1) Take 15:00 to work to a heavy but non-maximal Hang Snatch (from the power position).

2) 4 rounds of:

3 Muscle-Ups
5 Thrusters 115/75#
15 Double-Unders

Rest 1:00

3) 15.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:

7 muscle-ups
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders

Men use 20-lb. ball to 10 feet, Women use 14-lb. ball to 9 feet

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  1. Does anybody by chance know when we did something like
    3 rounds
    50 du
    30 wb
    10 mu
    I thought of that one immediately as this was announced

    • i guess that was actually quite a while a go. it was 140912…and it took me 13:57. I just remember thinking it was almost the same setup as the combo from 2013 and 2014 just as an actual amrap instead of a chipper.
      having the muscle ups at the beginning will make this open wod much easier. shooting for 3 rounds tomorrow at least.

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  3. M/31/85kg (#FAT)

    308 reps (6 reps from completing round 2) #OutlawBarbell

    This is a great metcon for those of you still following Outlaw. Shoot for 500+. There’s already a 579 on the board. I fully expect 600, hell maybe even 700. For me and not having done more than 5’s of anything in months, this just burned my lungs. I walked to the garbage can 4 times during to get rid of some flem… Dubs sucked. I wore my Adipowers but don’t suggest it like Coach says. This is also repeatable, like, 4 times repeatable if you want.

  4. AM session

    Snatch Low block

    1.) 175
    2.) 185
    3.) 205
    4.) 225
    5.) 240

    Did 15.3 last night love the work out. Yes it sucks but so glad they did this. It’s not sexy but the reason I love it is because it out separation for those who should be RX based by being an all around athlete and not a specialist. For those complaining suck it up. (I don’t think anyone following the blog will complain). Hey guess what dumbass Muscle Ups are a trademark movement of CrossFit and you should of prepared better. You might be able to do 7min of burpees but can’t lift shit and decided not to develop a muscle up because it wasn’t needed. Is my score great… No but I’m happy with it and it’s because of Rudys programming that I will move up a lot in the standings. It’s worth having someone programming that gets what CrossFit is looking for and can see the future of where CrossFit is going as far as Fitness test.

  5. M/41/5’10″/170

    223 reps

    Going in to this I didn’t figure I would get past two rounds. So I didn’t think there was any point saving anything for rounds I’d never get to. I knew that wallballs and DUs would slow me down compared to the field, so I wanted to get out of the gate as fast as possible and try to hold on.

    Did the first 7 MUs unbroken (for a PR) and kept motoring. I felt really good coming off the rings, and I don’t think the unbroken MUs phased me much cardiovascularly or in strength. Broke the wallballs into 10s for the first round. Hit the DUs, for 30, then things got shaky. Finished the first round in 6:39.

    Second round I hit my first MU and realized I wasn’t going to be able to string any together. My triceps were still burning from the wallballs, so I went with all singles on the MUs (no misses). Second round of wallballs was 5s, then 3s, then 2s as my heart rate spiked and I was sucking wind. Got back to the DUs and was doing single reps until the clock ran out.

    This is a great test of the all around athlete. Lots of people complaining initially, but it was all wiped away as people hit their first MUs and went home with smiles. Younger athletes with better recovery times will be able to repeat this at least once if not twice. I may re-test on Sunday or Monday, and wouldn’t change much other than to adjust my wallballs to use less triceps.

    Good luck outlaws.

  6. 15.3. 500 reps RX

    I’m a shoulder guy so this was heaven.
    UB then 4/3 3/2/2 mu
    20/15/15 then fast 10s WB
    Smart sets on dubs

    Push harder than you think you can. You’ll be fine. Represent outlaws!

    24 / m / 200
    IG : essig14

  7. 1. 185#
    2. Done
    3. 213 reps RX – haven’t moved fast for an extended period of time in a while. Wall balls ate my lunch and effed up my DU’s (I suffer from soft shitty shoulder syndrome).

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  9. 15.3 RX – 421 Reps

    Mu were UB 1st round, then 4/3 & 3/2/2
    WB were 25/25, 25/15/10, 15/15/10/10. These are usually a strength of mine but I was dumb and did the front squat box jump workout 2 days, yesterday. Burned out too quickly on these
    DU were 50/50, 40/30/30, tripped on the rope all the way to 50

    Not too upset with this since this is my 1st year doing the open, but i was hoping for 3 full rounds. Oh well

  10. 15.3 done Thursday night after announcement.
    I got 3rds+3MU/ 474 reps. Not an impressive score. I feel it will be mid range. No time to redo though.

  11. 15.3
    472 Rx

    -Wall balls are my goat. Wore my olys, since I’ve trained MUs and DUs in them all year.
    -Will redo Monday, this was mostly a test run. Shouldn’t have broken up the MUs so early, those were the easy part for me.
    -better timing will get me to the WBs on the 4th set

  12. 15.3 Rx 455 reps
    I split Wall Balls 30+20 then 20+15+15 but 3rd round was so gassed I had to do 5-5-5-….such a miserable life!
    So my suggestion is splitting them well since the beginning.

  13. 1) Up to 170lbs ( +5lbs from last week)

    2) Did 3 Rounds with 2 MU, My Best is 8 UB so didn’t want to get to crazy

    3) 428 Reps Rx’d
    Had a few trip ups on DU Early that is really all that went bad
    MU 4/3 3/2/2 3/2/2
    Wall Balls All UB
    Double Unders followed strategy, expect 2 trip ups
    Tiebreak 9:39 in case anyone cares

  14. PM Session


    Front Squat/box jump ladder

    I got 1 rep at 275lbs I also did box jump (completely over the box) overs. I never got a clear answer if that’s required so I went by what the judged course described.

  15. Domonic Ernesti (IG: @mrernestiempire)

    1) 195#

    2) 6:43 *Took my time on this

    3) 15.3 – 261 reps (subbed bar muscle ups)
    This was more of a test run. Best UB MU is 6 so I ended up doing 2/2/1/1/1. I tried going UB through first set of wall balls (comfortable with them) to make up time but it killed the DU after. On second round I went 20/20/10 and felt pretty quick with that. DUs are my weakest for this one. Going to practice the shit out of these and hopefully come Monday redo I’ll burn through them easier.

  16. 361 reps with tie breaker of 10:57

    So first round went as I hoped they all would. Did MUs in 35 secs, wall balls in 2:15, did WBs in 3 sets (28, 9, 13), not pleasant, my ball is on the lumpy side from years of abuse, DUs in 1:50 because I suckā€¦and the floor isn’t exactly level here. So first round time was 4:40
    Second round was a little slower than I expected. Did MUs in 54 secs but my work time was sub 40 secs, the other 15 were spent walking to the rings and chalking. WBs in 4 sets but took a whooping 2:50 secs and but it was the DUs that screwed with me, taking 2:27, I did 40 UB, and then had 4 hiccups before I got a good pace again. 3rd round did the MUs in 1 minute even and then crashed through the WB. I planned on sets of 25 with 10sec break but my shoulders were taxed a lot on the second and third rounds so I think I will aim for sets of 15-20 next time to see if I can get close to 4:30-4:45 sec rounds and get into the 4th round

  17. Peter Foster
    32/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    15.3: 500 (12:33)

    Round 1: UB, 25/25, 50/50
    Round 2: 4/3, 25/15/10, 40/30/30
    Round 3: 3/2/2, 10’s, 25’s
    Round 4: 3/2/2, 12

    I don’t see a redo in my future. I think this workout is all about feel but the wall balls did get heavy fast! Wore metcons.

    • Strong work Peter. Just a heads up if you only got 12 WBs in RD 4 its a score of 490.

      • Yea thanks Bryan….misprint here and meant 22 WB at the end! Must of still been winded when I was writing that, but good thing it’s my judges job to count!

  18. 1) 145
    2) 2 rounds, with 3 muscle up attempts, no successes.
    3) Just for Chris Strohsahl: zero reps.

    I don’t work out at a box, I work out at a traditional gym or at work because my work schedule doesn’t work with a box schedule. Even though I have my own rings that I bring to the gym, I don’t have anywhere that is quite tall enough to hang them for muscle ups. I usually just set them up where I can come close to doing one, and that’s what I did today. I attempted to MU today basically with bent knees in the kip so I didn’t whack my feet on the floor. I started the workout by spending about four minutes attempting an MU with this setup then I just did the rest of the round. Made seven more attempts then started back on WB and got 8 reps. I then started my stopwatch just to see how much longer it would take to finish out that round, which was 6:29.

    Not gonna complain about what HQ programmed because if you’re trying to compete RX for the open you should have muscle-ups and it was my decisions that made me not able to do them today. That being said, the scaled workout was too scaled IMO so that’s why I found my own middle ground.

  19. 15.3
    484 Reps. Everything went as planned until 3rd RD of dubs. Kept tripping up and think that set took well over :90 to complete. Will definitely redo this one.

  20. 10lb pr. Hit 185. Missed 190 3 times but was so close to getting under it
    350 reps for 15.3 going to try again on monday I think. Went 25/25 on wb first round and kind of fried me. Everything else went smoothly so to say. Only missed 1 du attempt

  21. 15.3
    317 reps (3mu in round 3)

    Damn double unders. Redoing tomorrow afternoon.

  22. 1.) 225, pr from this position. Didn’t try to go real heavy, it was just there.

    2.) Done

    Conditioning: 15.3

    475, I see a few things I can do differently pacing wise on the wb’s and double unders, I’d like to go over 500, I think I can do it. Couple issues with wb’s and du’s that I don’t normally have.

  23. 352
    Will redo Monday gotta split up wall balls differently and do better on double unders
    Game plan for muscle ups which I stuck to: 1st 4/3 2nd 3/2/2 3rd 2/2/2/1
    Wall balls i don’t what I did
    I wanted 30/20 ended up doing random sets defiently need a smaller set personally something maybe like 25/15/10
    Double unders here I also got screwed first round was perfect 50/50 then second time around my forearms and shoulders were burning.
    Monday I plan to break up the wall balls and maybe the double unders and defiently suck it up and just go for it at the end was
    Mentally weak towards the end.

  24. M/48/155

    Just 15.3 today, 338 reps, tie break time 11:55
    Round 1: UB; 5 sets on WB; 5 sets on DU
    Round 2: 4/3; 7 sets on WB; 6 sets on DU
    Round 3: 3/2/2; 17 wb.

    WB have never been good for me, but this is an improvement. Last year, I would be doing sets of 5 at a time, this year, sets ranged between 8 and 13.

    DU were not so good today. I could not get into a good rhythm. Will redo this on Monday, and hopefully get 3 rounds + some MU.

  25. snatch: went to a heavy tripple: 45 kg. Missed last
    attempt on 47,5 kg but snatch felt realy good today.

    15.3: 318 reps

    Did all mu singles as I can’t string them together yet. That took a while. Did wall balls and du as fast as I could yet trying not to get my heart rate to the roof.
    Great workout. Not planning on a redo. Don’t think I can improve my score.

  26. Bbg: hang snatch: 40-45-50-55-60kg

    4 rounds of:
    3 muscle ups
    5 thrusters 50kg
    15 double unders
    With about 1 min rest between. All four rounds felt good. Didn’t do 15.3, had judge for all our members. Doing it saturday afternoon.

  27. 15.3…438 reps, went UB on all MU’s…tried to keep WB to 15’s/20’s cuz I suck at them…DU’s 50/50..40/30/30, then it was a cluster F on my last set.

  28. BBG: up to 160#

    15.3: 354. Was exactly on pace for the first round then went to singles for the MU. I knew that would happen but the wall balls really got me and DU were in much smaller sets than 50s. Going to try to suck it up to get at least 400 reps on Monday

  29. Worked up to a 185 High Hang Snatch
    15.3 527
    All MUs unbroken.
    R1 25/25 WBs, 50/50 DU 3:28
    R2 20/20/10 WBs, 50/50 7:23
    R3 15/15/10/10 WBs, 47/33/20 11:25
    R4 15/10/15/9 Painful…

  30. 15.3:
    MU’s ~ 7, 7, 4/3
    WB’s ~ 30/20, 15/15/10/10, 10/10/10/10/10
    DU’s ~ 50’s with some misses

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