The “Grande Americano” hit TWO huge PRs on Wednesday. Mind you, these are lifetime PRs – from any position – for an American Open Champion, and he weighs 15kg less than the last time he PR’d on either lift.

It had to be the Toes to Bar.


WOD 150309:

Option 1 – if you are not repeating 15.2:


Alternating EMOM for 14:00-

1 Three Position Snatch (floor, hang, power position)*

*Begin at 60% of 1RM Snatch and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete the complex. When a miss occurs on the complex subtract 5-10# and complete the remainder of the EMOM.

10 6″ Target Burpees


1a) 5X3 Paused Front Squat (3 count pause in rock bottom) – heavy but non-maximal, rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X10 Tempo Ring Dips (3 counts down, in bottom, up, and at lockout) – if 10 reps UB are too easy add weight, rest 90 sec.


1) With a 10:00 cap…

75 Calorie Row

Then, AMRAP (in the remainder of the 10:00) of:

30 Thrusters 105/70#
7 Muscle-Ups

Rest 2:00 between 1 and 2.

2) 2:00 ME Strict HSPU

Option 2 – 15.2 repeat:

1) Take 15:00 to work to a heavy but non-maximal Hang Snatch (from the power position).

2) Alternating Every :30 for 6:00 (6 total rounds):

Rounds 1&2-

2 OHS 115/75#
3 Strict Pullups

Round 3&4-

3 OHS 115/75#
3 Pullups (kipping or butterfly)

Round 5&6-

4 OHS 115/75#
3 C2B Pullups (kipping or butterfly)

3) 15.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

From 0:00-3:00

2 rounds of:

10 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)

10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00

2 rounds of:

12 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)

12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 6:00-9:00

2 rounds of:

14 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)

14 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds

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  1. M/41/5’10/170

    Used Outlaw strategy on Friday for 15.2 and came up with 87, which is 20 reps short of last year. I paced the OHS, which left me rushing for C2B in the round of 12s, and I missed the round of 14 by one C2B. I realized afterwards that Rudy’s strategy is really meant for much better athletes than I.

    I re-tested yesterday and went with the revised strategy Rudy suggested on Saturday for those with C2B limitations. Went unbroken on OHS and stuck with singles on C2B. Ended up with 112, which is 5 better than last year. I was shot when I got the 14s, but I was never getting out of that round anyway. For me, the key was understanding what round I’d likely finish in, and then making sure I got there and left it all on the floor getting as many reps in that round as possible. No point saving anything for rounds I’d never get to.

    Unless you’ve got solid butterfly C2B, singles is the way to go. Even kipping C2B takes way too much out of you. The demo Rudy posted with Nicole in his initial strategy video is perfect.

    • Thanks for this! I’ll be doing 15.2 for the first time today (I’ve been sick since last week), and this will be the strategy I was planning on using. Good to know it works!

  2. Domonic Ernesti (IG: @mrernestiempire)
    25/M/North Central

    15.2 retest – 183 reps (+47 from last year and +96 from Friday)
    My c2b were actually decent today but was still limited to singles my the time I got to 12’s. OH squats were all UB except final round, I went 8/8.

  3. Wanted to personally thank Rudy for the pacing strategy for 15.2. I did a whopping 125 reps on this workout last year and have redone it twice since and never got over 188 reps. I stuck to the pacing exactly through the round of 16 and hit 241 reps this morning. The breaks and pacing helped keep my heartrate down and my arms from blowing up and worked to perfection.

    14.2 – 125 reps
    January – 180 Reps
    February – 188 Reps
    15.2 on Friday – 206
    15.1 Today – 241 Reps.

  4. Peter Foster
    32/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    – 125/135/145/155/165/175(ooxo)/175#(oox)
    – Burpees done :20 – :30 and made the snatches spicy at the end!

    1a) 205/225/245/265/275#
    1b) all UB

    1) Row 3:33 and 1rd + 15 thrusters
    2) 21… these were much harder then anticipated!

  5. BBG: EMOM
    1a.) 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 (-30), 180, 180
    1b.) completed
    This combination EMOM felt worse than most Metcons for me.

    1a.) 205, 215, 225, 225, 225
    1b.) 10 strict each round

    1.) 1 + 12 ~ row done in 3:25, first round of thrusters by 7:00, Mu’s 4/3
    2.) 11

  6. Snatches 135-170
    Front squats 235-295
    Dips done with mini band
    Con 50 cal airdyne subbed for 75 cal row
    1round+30 thrusters+1 mu
    15 strict hspu

  7. 15.2
    (1st attempt Friday)
    -192 reps

    (2nd attempt Monday)

    looks like im fitter than friday cause i stayed loyal to my doughnuts sunday night.
    48 rep PR from friday
    63 rep PR from last year

  8. EMOM:
    Snatches with 45kg, no increase in weight (didn’t have the smaller plates at hand)
    –> felt great! love 3 position snatch!

    BBG and Conditioning from a later post:
    BBG: Back Squat 5×3 @105,112,117,110,107 (kg)

    5 Rounds:
    30s maxRep Thrusters @40kg
    30s max Double Unders
    30s Rest

    164 Reps

    –> BBG & Conditioning from another day of Outlaw, officially programmed at my box

    = I’m back following The Outlaw Way, love it!

  9. Feeling pretty low at the moment
    15.2 184 reps (4 less than last year)
    Midatlantic region but currently in Afghanistan
    Followed your pacing friday but then missed the last rep on the set of 14’s by literally half of a second so aimed to finish each round with about 15 secs to spare as a safe guard. 10s went well, 12s went well, 14s I pushed a little bit to make sure I finished and finished well. My OHS felt better than last year but my pull ups took more time. Really kicking myself for not making it through the 16s, I’m out of contention this year at this point. Oh well, there is always next year.
    After I finished I did the conditioning – 1 rd +23 thrusters followed by 24 HSPU

  10. New follower here. I did 15.2 today first time this year. 135 reps. 111 last year. Followed strategy and definitely helped a lot. Just have a question regarding today’s work. Should I do today’s work tomorrow or skip and move on to tomorrow’s work instead. Sorry for stupid question.

  11. 15.2
    83 reps
    Completely disgusted with this score as I thought for sure I’d get past 6:00.

    On a positive note. It was awesome seeing the olympic comp at the Arnold this weekend. Got to meet Jared Fleming and a few others. Makes me want to hang up the Crossfit for a bit a lift some weights!

  12. Ok so did 15.2 again. Went even worse than friday. My grip started failing after the first round. Very strange I don’t normally struggle with grip. Only got 83 reps today. Have entered my friday score of 87. Very frustrating open so far. I seem to be getting worse. I really thought I would do better than my 110 reps of last year.

  13. 15.2 repeat: 203 reps. Way better than Friday.

    1a) 175, 180, 185, 190, 190#
    1b) subbed 4 x 10 strict dumbbell press to balance out my shoulders after 15.2. (40#)

  14. 15.2 redo

    Friday’s score was 197
    -wasn’t happy with it, but (+20) from last year

    Today’s am redo 204
    -still wasn’t happy with it

    Today’s pm redo 267(+90) from last year
    -I’ll take it
    -went UB on the 16s OHS, this was the key for me to finally break through that round
    -also, there’s no way I could’ve pulled off a double redo without Rudy’s Awesome programming. Those 2 a day, high volume sessions really helped me be confident in even attempting something like this.
    -If only I could perform like this on the first try

    BBG Warm up Power position hang snatch
    115, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 200

  15. Redo if 15.2

    142 upset I couldn’t make it to the 16s but it’s an improvement from last year and that’s all you can ask.


    1 round + 14 thrusters

    25 strict HSPU

    Happy because I did the thrusters unbroken still upset about earlier though.

  16. BBG
    1. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 (f hang),185# (f hang)
    1a. 225, 235, 245, 255# (f last rep)
    1b. Strict Ring Dips (broken up)

  17. BBG:

    155 – 175 – 195 – 205(2) – 205f – 215 – 225(1)


    1a) 225 – 245 – 265 – 275 – 285
    1b) 4 – 5 – 6 – 7


    1) 3:23 row and 1 + 14 (thrusters after the row were hell…)
    2) 21 (-1 from last week)

  18. BBG
    1)125/135/145/155/160/165/175 +5lbs from last week
    burpees ~30 sec
    1A)215/225/235/245/255 +5lbs per set
    1B) First 3 sets UB
    1) 1Rd +30 Thrusters, 3:28 Row
    2) 8 Reps (35/abmat) was toast

  19. IG: jporter43

    1: redid open.


    1. EMOM @ 135, 135, 145, 155, then I stopped.
    2a. @255
    B. Done.

    3. Row:3:20
    7 MU
    +9 thrusters.

  20. attempted 15.2 Friday – stopped after the round of 12 because it just felt off.
    Did it today and got to 188, which is +14 from 14.2. Am definitely okay with this.

    Broke up OHS in sets of 2 (rest on back) because i knew I needed more time on c2b.
    Did the c2b in sets of two until the last half of 14 and the 16, where I chipped away onesies… like a baby beast.

  21. retested today. This workout exposed a huge weakness of mine. C2B. Had no clue that this workout would be so difficult. on friday I tried sticking to the pacing and got 135 reps rx and today retested and got 137 reps rx and the only thing i really changed was going unbroken on ohs and on the last round of 14 going all singles. this greatly impacted my standings on the leaderboard and I hope the next workout is more in my wheel house so that I can crush it.

    I was upset with the results from the morning so did the other alternate assignment as well.

    185 3 position snatch

    ended up at 275 front squat

    dips done.

    conditioning: got through one round plus 21 extra thrusters
    2 min break then
    18 hspu

  22. EMOM for 14:00-
    1 Three Position Snatch (135, 155, 165, 165, 175, 175*, 185*)
    *opened up a tear from the weekend on the third to last set, went to OHS instead on the final 175, 185
    10 6″ Target Burpees
    1a) 5X3 Paused Front Squat (3 count pause in rock bottom) – 225 across
    1b) Scaled to 4X6 Tempo Ring Dips
    1) With a 10:00 cap…
    75 Calorie Row
    10min AMRAP-2 Rounds
    30 Thrusters 105/70#
    7 Muscle-Ups-scaled to 14 strict ring dips

    2:00 ME Strict HSPU-8 reps yikes…

  23. M/48/155

    Did not redo 15.2. I got 277 on Friday, and I am 2nd worldwide in my age group on that one and 119th overall. Hopefully 15.3 will be something I don’t completely suck at.

    AM Session:
    Shoulder press x5: 30-40-40-42-42kg
    Pause front squat x3: 62-72-82-92-96kg (+2kg)

    PM Session:
    4×20 box shoulder stretch
    4x:20 L hold on floor (hard)
    6x:20 on :20 off 30degree HS
    12 pull up & overs – UB

    Strength & Skills:
    A. 4×10 tempo ring dips UB-UB-UB-8/2
    B. 4×10 GHD raises

    Alt emom 14: 3pos snatch & 10 target burpees
    110-120-130-135-140-145-155 (86%, +5)

    75cal row – slow as usual
    30 thrusters 105 – 13/10/7
    7 MU – UB
    12 thrusters 6/6

    Happy with the 7 ub MU. I pushed that one.

    • Almost forgot. Only 20 on the HSPU after the all the rowing, thrustering and muscleupping.

  24. Did 15.2 today – Friday I felt really off. I got 130 reps which is 62 more than last year! Thank Rudy! Went with the strategy for those with C2B limitations and it worked fantastic. OHS were a joke…..obviously.

    1a. 3 count pause FS – 190 (+15 lbs) – I guess you should always squat after an opens WOD
    1b. Tempo ring dips – Done

  25. Hit 15.2 ( also 14.2) and followed the breaking scheme in the pull ups ( did all half) and did OHSquat unbroken because I ohsquat slowly. This strategy worked out really well for me. I got 263 reps RX. I wanted 280, but I completely ripped my hands at about the 16 rep round. Oh well, time to hit 15.3 🙂 #theoutlawwayworks

  26. BBG:Alternating EMOM for 14:00-

    1 Three Position Snatch (floor, hang, power position)145/155/165/175/185/195(2)/205
    10 6″ Target Burpees/done

    1a) 205/245/275/295/315.


    1) With a 10:00 cap…

    75 Calorie Row, ~4:00 Min(ish)

    Then, AMRAP (in the remainder of the 10:00) of: 1 rd + 30 thrusters, did strict push-ups in place of M-U’s, hands are healing

    30 Thrusters 105#
    30 Push-ups (strict)

    2) 2:00 ME Strict HSPU

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