Update on yesterday’s post. From Dave Fleming

For the athletes who do not have a meet this weekend they should probably do a mock meet today or tomorrow to complete this cycle. Here is a workout to simulate a meet.

Snatch 50%-3, 60%-3, 70%-2, 75%-2, 80%-2, 85%-1, 90%-1, 95%-1, 100%-21, 102.5%-1, 105%-1, 107.5%-1, etc…

clean & jerk (same as snatch)

If the lifter misses a weight they may repeat that weight once. if they make it they proceed to next weight. If they miss a second time at that weight they are done. The exercise is done once the lifter has two consecutive misses.

After the 100% set the 2.5% increase is just a guide. As new pr’s are being set use whatever increases are comfortable.

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  1. Snatch – 245#, 5# off last week’s PR.
    C&J – 255#, 20# off PR (end of last cycle)… Caught 265# 3 times but couldn’t stand up with it. This was pretty sad. My squat strength has regressed.

  2. Am I reading that right? Snatch is 10# off your C&J?????? Even your previous max not even 10% higher?! Crazy.

  3. Yep, my squat strength went backwards this cycle. I’m already weak at squats in ratio to my Olympic lifts and for whatever reason these few months made it worse. I know guys with 400#+ squats that can’t snatch what I can while I only have a 335# squat max. I tried maxing my back squat after the lifts because I was so frustrated with my C&J and ended up only hitting 315# (20# off my PR at the end of the last cycle).

    I caught a 280# clean a few weeks ago but couldn’t stand. There’s more than enough pulling power there but no way to stand it up. I think the big help last cycle (Outlaw Way) was all the pause squats and max effort lifts. They really made a difference in getting me through my sticking point.

    Needless to say, I’m really frustrated. I’m very happy with the snatch progress but it’s not helping the disappointment of the C&J.

    • I think there may still be something awry. I also test my BS a couple weeks ago and hit 315 for a double, missed any at 335. My best ever is 335 and that was a year or two ago. My FS best is 285×2 and that was about 3-4 months ago. I stood up 270 during 15.1a but missed the jerk. I’m thinking there’s room in your squat numbers for C&J’s better than 265, a perfect pull will make standing much easier. But back squat and front squat are not equal, so either way, it is what it is…

      That being said I feel ur pain. I have snatched up to 215 with no misses the last time I tested and my clean runs into my FS all the time. I’ve ONLY had success with Smolov to improve my BS numbers. I’ve done Hatch multiple times with NO improvement. The pause FS’s helped big time in the FS dept. Right now I’m following the Catalyst Kara’s 9-weeks of heaven. Worth a shot. You know ur issues, go get on them squats (there’s plenty in this program).

  4. Those are very similar numbers to me. 335# BS, 285# double FS, I’ve hit a 275# C&J (last cycle). I think I should have hit a bigger C&J but I just couldn’t get out of the bottom. I’ve been fighting that the last month of the program. Ever since we started going 90%+ I’ve been getting stuck. Like I mentioned before, the pulling power is more than enough. I haven’t missed catching more than 3 reps this whole cycle. You’re right though, where I receive it makes a world of difference. The block work was really helpful during the last cycle for that. Blocks and pause squats seem to be the most beneficial things for my C&J. If I can stand it up, the jerk isn’t remotely an issue (I jerk 300#). I’ll see what the next cycle looks like before I decide if I need to change programs. I may go back and do that max effort cycle again.

    • This is where WL is much more specific than CF. You may always see gains while training for CF bc of the sheer number of things you have to be good at. While in this arena, you need some more specific training. I think this outlaw bb cycle was a great general cycle. Some things like OHS/SB/pulls were easy for me but still good to maintain. While you and I might benefit for a more squat biased program. I’m hoping this squatting everyday (5x/week) helps me feel stronger in the lifts. I now have a pesky jerk issue I need to fix. But anyhow, I chose this program bc of the squat nature, volume, and timing to my next meet. Almost everday in this cycle I’m doing 2,3, or 4 cleans +1 jerk. It’s VERY squatty. I almost need an evening session with jerk skill stuff.

      In the end, don’t wait forever to follow your goals. If it’s CF, stay there, if it’s BB, make the change and don’t look back. that’s my $0.02.

      I’d program for myself but I’m pretty sure I’d end up squatting and doing things I “like” instead of things I need to do. IDK.

      I’ll be looking to see what meet this cycle is prepping for, once that’s established I’d love to come back.

      Sorry for being all over the place. My email is companierep@gmail.com feel free to email me we can always discuss there.

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