Update on yesterday’s post. From Dave Fleming

For the athletes who do not have a meet this weekend they should probably do a mock meet today or tomorrow to complete this cycle. Here is a workout to simulate a meet.

Snatch 50%-3, 60%-3, 70%-2, 75%-2, 80%-2, 85%-1, 90%-1, 95%-1, 100%-21, 102.5%-1, 105%-1, 107.5%-1, etc…

clean & jerk (same as snatch)

If the lifter misses a weight they may repeat that weight once. if they make it they proceed to next weight. If they miss a second time at that weight they are done. The exercise is done once the lifter has two consecutive misses.

After the 100% set the 2.5% increase is just a guide. As new pr’s are being set use whatever increases are comfortable.